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Breaking news: Scott West appointed coach of Werribee Tigers

Scott West has been appointed coach of Werribee Tigers

Any thoughts?


West is Best

The Werribee Football Club is pleased to announce that former Western Bulldogs champion Scott West is the new senior coach of the Tigers.Scott has been in an assistant role with the Melbourne Football Club for the last three seasons.

His credentials as a player are impeccable

:324 games for the Western Bulldogs

7 Best and Fairest Awards – a club record

All Australian 5 times

Second, third & fourth in the Brownlow Medal

Western Bulldogs Team of the Century

Werribee President John Nicol was full of praise for the former Bulldog.

“Scott is someone I have admired for his ability on the field, his work rate and commitment and his preparation. He certainly demonstrated all those qualities in his presentation to the club. I am excited by his football philosophies and look forward to seeing where he can take our football club in the future”.

West is equally excited.

“The chance to coach my own team after a few years as an assistant at AFL level is fantastic. 2012 is a new year, and with it comes new challenges and opportunities. I am looking forward to what lies ahead for the Werribee Football Club and am proud to be a part of it”.


[quote=Robbo]Scott West has been appointed coach of Werribee Tigers

Any thoughts?[/quote]

Good luck to him for pulling on his own club and giving the flick to the farce that is the AFL assistant coaching merry go round.

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I reckon it's a really good appointment. I hope Werribee can really go deep into the finals. They need more night footy played down there as well. If they get off to a flyer, crowds and membership will surely follow.