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billy shane was offered the captaincy and much more to return to sandy but chose to go to port and yes the wheels are in motion to strengthen our playing list and get back on top where we belong jump on board billy enjoy the ride :beer:


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Shane Valenti has already been offered the Captaincy before,but money ,money was the winner there.

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Billy...I agree re Dean Laidley...from what I remember of his time at North Melbourne I'm pretty sure there was little or no interest in the VFL on his part...if he gets the job then I hope there is a big change in attitude...

Canhillclarry has touched on the Shane Valenti issue...if someone doesn't want to play for you then don't bother trying to get them to the club...doesn't matter how good they may be....unfortunately for Shane Valenti, his resume has him being delisted from a very ordinary Melbourne team...I know he's won 2 Listons since, but getting the flick from Melbourne when they were going so badly is not going to have other AFL clubs knocking your door down to sign you...I reckon he was dead stiff to be delisted at the time as he seemed to be establishing himself at Melbourne

Chris Pelchen from St Kilda is saying al the right things re improving the alignment and as you say, if they do what they say they are going to do then things may improve dramatically. The St Kilda players training with Sandy will be a huge step in the right direction..

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


[quote=zebra]Shane Valenti has already been offered the Captaincy before,but money ,money was the winner there.[/quote]

Unfortunately that was what I was alluding to re the Pokies issue.

All clubs need money to survive and attract the best players who usually know their worth and and dont play for peanuts.