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Another club bites the dust...

I stopped really caring about Box Hill a few years back...but here's the absolute final nail in the coffin!!!

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Oh boy... :((

That is an absolute disgrace. Box Hill truly are gone.

How can the club allow this?


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I knew as soon as John Ure was gone this'd happen. He was holding it together from a Box Hill point of view. He fought for the Mustangs...but I feared this was coming. AND WHAT AN INFERIOR JUMPER!!! Gah!!!


Oh yeah...missed that one. Truly awful. So glad the Borough won it this year....only hope Willy and Sandy eventually join them, Bendigo and Frankston. The comp kinda held on for a decade of alingments, but the $h1t$ really hitting the fan now!

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Just read the localfooty article..

One interesting paragraph..

[quote]The jumper change was voted on by the club's nine directors, comprising four Box Hill-appointed directors and five from the Hawthorn Football Club.[/quote]


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R.I.P. Box Hill Mustangs


That mustang on the jumper will be the size of an ant by 2013.


Well I’ve defended this alignment through thick and thin but that’s the last straw for me too. I’ve been watching Box Hill since I was a kid, but I wouldn’t cross the road to watch Hawthorn Reserves.

What a low thing to do. They share the brown and gold colours. Box Hill conceded the HAWKS name years ago. Not satisfied with that now, the AFL control freaks have taken away their IDENTITY.

STANGA, I reckon you might be onto something. I see on the Club’s website that John Ure has resigned from the Board. Having met John a few times over the years I reckon he wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with this. He’s fought tooth and nail for the Club. He’s been on the Board for as long as I can remember and it’s interesting he’s decided to get out now.

Unfortunately Box Hill, like most other VFL Clubs, only have a handful of passionate and committed people like John Ure and that’s the real problem for this competition. Gradually power and control seems to be moving towards the AFL clubs in the alignments. Preston and Box Hill have lost their identity. That won’t be the end of it. Watch out Coburg, Sandringham, Casey and (even) Williamstown!

A sad day indeed. :(


I know in past post I've copped a little crap when defending BENDIGO by saying that there were no Essendon directors on the BENDIGO board when compared to other aligned clubs such as Box Hill and Coburg.

There is no doubt, once the AFL clubs gets a vote and gets a say around the Board room table as an equal then the VFL club cannot have a truly open and honest board conversation about the performance of the alignment. It is then just a matter of time until control shifts.

What other VFL clubs have thier AFL partner on their board?

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To Mustang and Stanga, there's always plenty of room on the Borough bandwagon, so feel free to get on board!


if you want to start a fresh, support Bendigo as they get ready to split from Essendon and go alone - they are going to need some passionate supporters.