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Cheap Flights for 2012 state game on May 26

Jetstar are offering $45 each way flights for state game at Blundstone Arena(Bellerive Oval) in Hobart. I have just book mine.

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Very good price Robbo. Tassie is always worth a visit. Great place.

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Just read your SMS Robbo.. $45 to Hobart is a bargain! Can't say for sure, but I'd love to get along to this one.



Who do we think are the frontrunners to be included in this year's VFL state team? And does anyone know the date to circle on the calendar about when the team is announced?


My understanding is that the squad will be picked later this week and the final team will then announced at the end of next week, which allows them one week to train together.

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Cheapest flights left are at $111 each way ($222 all up)


Just send Port Melbourne over, they would smash Tassie.

Maybe even get a few injuries and help even up the one-sided VFL it is at the moment.

If Willy are ranked 2 in the VFL then give Port the cup now . :beer:


Agreed..........Port are demolishing everyone......again. Will it be another season of all W's in the result column???
Geelong are playing much better this year. I thought they would beat Casey on Saturday.

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It will be interesting to see if the VFL field a 'full-strength' side, or do was Tassie has, and in theory select an 'under 23's' or 'up and commers' side, as to promote them to AFL recruiters.


I read that post about Tasmania's squad.......obviously the people in the know are doing it for a specific reason. I'm still a believer in putting the best 2 teams out there, regardless of age. In any case, let's hope for a cracking game..........and the Mighty Vics to come through with another win!


[quote=BrekkyDJ]Cheapest flights left are at $111 each way ($222 all up)[/quote]

$45.00 last week. !!

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