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Sandringham Captain and leaders

announced at Jumper presentation tonight

Sandringham FC‏@sandyzebs

Beau Dowler announced as Sandringham Captain for 2012 #fb

Sandringham FC‏@sandyzebsReply

Beau Dowler "Great honour to be captaining such a great club, looking forward to a great year" #fb

Sandringham FC‏@sandyzebs

Leadership Group consists of Dowler (Captain), Hallahan, Shakallis, Stapleton, Michaliades, Cook, Sands #fb




Very interesting!


Didn't Dean Galea kick 9 goals on Beau Dowler last Saturday in the practice game at Sandringham ????

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Yes he did but that happens to other full backs also.
Beau Dowler can also play other positions too and his 3 matches so far have been very good for the Zebras.
Just because a player kicks 9 goals on him doesn't mean he is not fit to be a captain of any club.

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Galea also had one or maybe more opponents as well as Dowler. the marking strength of Dean Galea is extraordinary .hi kick s very accurate as well as

Good choice by Sandy. He's been showing a lot of leadership in the practice matches

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


it appears Dean Galea is on the way to a good year,if a forward can hold his marks but kicks accurately as well,his side is going to be very confident in giving him the ball,after seeing him last year in the finals there is a player capable of kicking the magic ton.The Roosters v Werribee promises to be a blockbuster,i would hope vfl fans right across the board attend the games ,great footy in the vfl,just need the crowds,no footy in melb yet so no excuse of no show.

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With no Patrick Rose at Port wonder how many Dean Galea can kick in 2012 ? Looks like he might have a great year. Maybe he has finally turned the corner and with no personal problems or injuries he might actually click and finally realise his enormous footy ability. Injury free he can maybe kick a ton ?? Who knows.
Interesting choice for the zebras picking Beau Dowler. Is he injury free ? He has had some bad luck with injuries including one in an accident off field several years ago. Needs a change of luck and should do well for the zebras under a new coach, several new players and looks like new enthusiasm overall.