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[quote=vfa][quote=TheStatsman]I'm surprised that Geelong and Casey don't have more players.. there are a lot of VFL listed players at both clubs who can consider themselves unlucky.

Very glad I didn't see the name Wheeler there.. I don't see Willie Wheeler being anywhere near as good as he is being talked up. Not in their best 198[/quote]

Willie Wheeler the Arnold Horshack lookalike last year when he had his 70s hairstyle, is just a player. Probably the most overrated player I have seen at vfl level in a long time is Ben Griffiths from Coburg. He is a listed Richmond player that is very ordinary and should be delisted. Harsh words but reality. Don't know what the scribes have seen but I don't rate him. Nick Carnell is Coburg's best player by a country mile.[/quote]

Willie Wheeler ????What is it that he has going for him ??
Is it that he is Terry Wheeler's nephew ??? If it is Terry would disown him. Kicked a couple of goals in a TV game a couple of years ago & hasn't had a kick since.
A bit like that Pendlebury captain of Collingwood's VFL team. Living off the name.

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