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Big Jablonski

Just to continue this thread gents, the dolphins now have another 4 players on top of the 5 mentioned playing AFL. Put those boys back in the side and they potentially would be top two material alongside port.
They seemed to have recruited well again and should add to the list of incumbents at the 2013 draft.
Seniors to be pushing all sides vying for final 8 spots and a development team (wooden spooners we know)that beat last years premiers by 70 points. I am doing the Big Kev and getting excited.

Have belief for the path to victory has been well worn however seldom do we arrive at the destination.

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Big season for Frankston coming up. They should rightly have their sites set on seeing September action.


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I reckon Frankston supporters would prefer to win games than provide AFL draftees. In 20 years time and beyond the record books will show where Frankston ended up...not how many players were drafted by AFL clubs...I go and support a team who will hopefully win games and hopefully premierships, and I'm not all that fussed if one or more of our players gets drafted...

Give me wins and premierships any day over players getting drafted..

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Things would be a lot tougher at Frankston if those players hadnt been drafted, it has won some friends (temporary allies) in high places.