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2012 VFL Finals Venues Announced

Week 1- Qualifying and Elimination Finals
ABC TV Games at Northport Oval,Port Melbourne (Sat,Sun)

2 other venues to be decided after home and away season

Week 2- Semi Finals
ABC TV Games at Casey Fields,Cranbourne East (Sat,Sun)

Week 3- Premliminary Finals
ABC TV Games at Northport Oval,Port Melbourne (Sat,Sun)

Week 4-Grand Final
Sunday 23rd September at Etihad Stadium

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Good to see Port still a venue for the lead up finals. Any chance of hiring a VRC mobile big screen display?

Hopefully it's a dry few weeks during finals action.

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Not excited about Casey Fields holding finals.

The big issue for me is the lack of Public Transport.

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Casey Fields? Really?

Jesus wept...

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[quote=MinkaBeaver]Casey Fields? Really?

Jesus wept...[/quote]

Yep the arse end of Melbourne.

As I said before boring, windswept,desolate and lacking any atmosphere yep a real great advert for the VFL!

No doubt the as usual the AFL suckhole VFL management think it would be good for the Melbourne / Casey setup.

Imagine if Werribee have to play Nth Ballarat?

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Casey Fields?

It's not April 1st is it?

What are they smokin in at AFL Victoria?

I'm not in love with North Port Oval, but surely the Victoria Park alternative should have been looked at further. Venues need to be close to the city and easily accessible by public transport.

On current ladder positions, assuming 3rd and 4th both lose first week of finals, and 5th and 6th both win then the Casey Fields games would be:

Werribee v Box Hill
Geelong v Bendigo

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no finals at Box Hill? Could potentially happen in week 1. Still more attractive than F@#$%&g Cranbourne, who other than Casey's handful of supporters would would want to go to that far-flung shithole?

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What about Carlton or even Preston? Both will be neutral for this year's finalists. North Port is now sub-standard for finals. Shelter is required for spectators as is access to public transport.Seating is also required.

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Well, maybe this could be a plan for week one of the finals (if the ladder stays as it is)....

Friday Night at QEO, Bendigo
Bendigo Gold (5th) v North Ballarat (8th)

Saturday Afternoon at North Port Oval
Port Melbourne (2nd) v Werribee (3rd)

Saturday Night at Casey Fields
Casey Scorpions (1st) v Geelong Cats (4th)

Sunday Afternoon at North Port Oval
Box Hill Hawks (6th) v Sandringham (7th)

That would see two night games, two games at North Port and allow fans to go see every game (if they wish)

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Why is Port substand now for finals Cobrascorer?

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Geelong v Bendigo at Casey Fields ????

They will attract 10,000 people to that ????

More like 250.