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Round 19 Sandringham vs Frankston

Incredibly 1st meeting at Sandringham between these 2 sides since 2009. Sandy have not beaten Frankston at home since 2005.

B Shepheard DowlerPeake
HB Polo Ferguson Marigliani
C Ledger Cockie Clarke
HF Cripps Siposs Michaliades
F Markworth Archer Milera
R Sikora Cook Curren
Int(from) Webster Shenton Mavric Williams* Sands Newnes Waller Hallahan Stapleton

B Osborne Irving Heddles
HB Sketcher Boland Van Unen
C Buchan Martin Delahunty
HF Kitchin S. Marusic Potts
F Simpson Haretuku W. Miller
R Thoolen Hockey Bosward
Int(from) L. Clark Fox Jennings Clements Greeley Lawrence* Ongarello Matheson Sykes

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incredible isn't it?
I think the Zebs have enough incentive to win at home at TBO this Sunday.
Hopefully the usual good game v the Dolphins.

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Zebra and Zebraman looks like I will finally get to the new Sandy Social Club this Sunday. Meet you there for an ale at half time or end of game.
Sandy v Frankston games are usually full on and should be no exception on Sunday.
Sandy will be hot favorites but you can expect the dolphins to give them a good run. No love lost between the two teams.


Sandy need to win the next two games at home to have any chance of making the finals.

The last two games will be very hard to win Willy at Point Gellibrand and Casey at Cranbourne North.

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The hardest will be Cranbourne NORTH, as Casey plays at Cranbourne EAST!!!


Those amazing stats I found

1st meeting between these 2 sides at Sandy since August 15 2009 (1086 days). Frankston won by 21pts.

Last time Sandy def Frankston at home was April 17 2005 (2667 days).

1st time Simon Goosey will be coaching the Dolphins at Sandy (52nd game as coach).


[quote=cobrascorer]The hardest will be Cranbourne NORTH, as Casey plays at Cranbourne EAST!!![/quote]
Ok so its EAST! Keep your hat on its still a shithole!

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Final score. Sandy 12.17.89 d Frankston 5.16.46. 1st 1/4 cost Frankston dearly. Kicking with a strong wind they only managed 1 goal while Sandy got 2 against it.

After that Sandy weren't really threatened at any stage..

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


It was Sandy's 1st victory over Frankston since April 2005 (2667 days ago) at Sandy

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and tomorrow it will be 1 day!

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Yellow Black Blue

Very trying conditions today at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. I thought that the football was OK considering this. Zebraman was spot on, Frankston's first quarter was the difference between the sides. The wind was blowing a gale from forward pocket to forward pocket, with the South end having a 4-5 goal breeze, if not more, but the cross wind & tight pockets made it difficult for both teams. Quite a few 50-metre penalties, generally for dissent & I thought that the match was over umpired. I was always taught that a good umpiring exhibition was one where they weren't noticed - not the case today.

An interesting set of results this weekend makes for an even more interesting last few rounds.