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2012 - Round 20 - Coburg Tigers vs. Frankston

Coburg Tigers vs. Frankston
Saturday 11th August
Mantello Holden Oval at 2:00 PM

Coburg Tigers

B Moore Fahey Dea
HB Helbig Astbury Griffiths
C Venditti Verrier A. Maric
HF O'Hanlon Miller White
F Carnell Derickx King
R Browne Contin Wheeler
Int Elton N. Maric Iudica*
Darrou Graham Wright
Masters Bamblett Cartelli
Jordan Clifton McErlain


B Heddles Boland Van Unen
HB Sketcher W. Miller Osborne
C Delahunty Martin Buchan
HF Kitchin Haretuku Potts
F Simpson S. Marusic Matheson
R Thoolen Hockey Bosward
Int Greeley Ongarello Fox
Sutton* Irving L. Clark
Gardiner Sykes

Wally from Will...
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Dolphins have done it again, coburg 3-11(29) def by dolphins 7-5(47)


Great win by the Dolphins in the worst conditions I have seen for a VFL match.

Coburg 0-2 0-5 2-8 3-11(29)
Frankston 3-1 3-1 6-4 7-5(47)

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Coburg Tigers 0.2 0.5 2.8 3.11 (29)
Frankston 3.1 3.1 6.2 7.5 (47)

Frankston: Clark 2 Matheson Simpson Hockey Martin Kitchin

Frankston: Martin Van Unen Irving Hockey Osborne Kitchin

Absolutely great result for the Dolphins. Hopefully they take the time to celebrate tonight, as it has been a long season for Frankston.



Development League

Coburg Tigers 1.0 6.3 7.5 13.8 (86)
Frankston 1.7 1.8 1.12 2.13 (25)

Coburg Tigers: Hore 5 Uysal 2 Maric 2 Linton Robertella Younan Dimartino
Frankston: Bywater 2

Coburg Tigers: Duhau Easton Hore Groves Maric Rayson
Frankston: Gardiner Bywater Appleford Beech Bateman Jaroszczuk

The games should have been played at Craigieburn as I said in a previous post worst conditions I can remember for a VFL Game.

Also had a leaking timekeepers box in the 1st half of Development League game.

Facts from Senior game

1st goal of the game was 13 mins into match

2nd Quarter no score by either team until 22 min mark.

Coburg kicked their 1st goal at 14 min mark of 3rd Quarter

1st goal of the last quarter came at 15 min mark


Some footage taken by one of Frankston boys of the Frankston players singing the siren after today's win against Coburg.


Thanks for posting that bullants!!!!

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The Frankston boys are definately happy.
Coburg Bunnies are the worst side going around at the minute.
Wonder what price on Sportsbet for the winning dolphins.


Just one sentence on the game in both the Herald Sun and The Age.

How Typical!!!!!


This would have to be one of the biggest sporting stories around, bigger than BOLT.
Why and how do frankston keep beating this team, gee 3 years only win against those bunnies


also frankston offered have game at frankston on the sunday,, vfl and tigers said NO