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2012 - Round 20 - Sandringham vs. Collingwood

Sandringham vs. Collingwood
Sunday 12th August
Trevor Barker Beach Oval at 2:00 PM


B Shenton Dowler Newnes
HB Shepheard Ferguson Winmar
C Clarke Cockie Cripps
HF Ledger Markworth Marigliani
F Milera Archer Siposs
R Sikora Cook Curren
Int Hallahan Blake Ross
Michaliades Peake Williams*
Polo Coleman Waller


B Ferraro Hine Young
HB K. Pendlebury Smith Cribbin
C Krakouer Yagmoor McNamara
HF Johnson Witts Sundberg
F J. Thomas MacAffer Gault
R Ceglar Ugle Rounds
Int Seccull Wallace Doria
Cathcart Farmer Williams
Riddle Corr

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Don't forget there is a live video stream of the game here...

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Don't forget there is a live video stream of the game here...

watching some of the game how great is this

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Could not connect with the live video stream here in Florence, but did manage to get the Casey game on VFL radio.

Good to know that Port is back on top of the ladder. All's right with the world!