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2012 - Round 21 - Port Melbourne vs. Bendigo Gold

Port Melbourne vs. Bendigo Gold
Saturday 18th August
North Port Oval at1:10 PM

Port Melbourne
B Sandilands Noonan Brewer
HB M. Johnston Pleming Hinkley
C Valenti Baird Bentick
HF Pinwill Burstin Scipione
F Bonaddio Galea Langford
R Skipper Cain Wooffindin
Int Gale Prowse* C. Johnston
T. Allan J. Purcell Wall
O'Farrell Pitt

Bendigo Gold
B Schultz Freezer Shinners
HB Collins Pears Stroobants
C Merrett Ladson Colyer
HF Dalgleish Maddern O'Brien
F Dell'Olio Little Reimers
R Hille Slattery Kavanagh
Int Thompson Williams Steinberg
Vale Peoples Hunter
Ross McPhee Williams*

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Pretty settled side for Port.

Silver up against his old club too back at Port! Capable Bendigo side, that will probably be competitive in a game that looks to be rain affected. Noonan on Little should be a good contest down on the Gold forward line.



Will Gale and O'Farrell play? Both have missed a lot of footy and only got limited time in the 2s last week. Micky Dillon set to play in the 2s.

Port need to play 4 consistant quarters this week and start building some momenten before the finals begin. Im picking Port to win by 28 points!

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I agree with both your points Burra, we are yet to see a four quarter effort this season. We had s few impressive games at the start of the season, but i think it is fair to say that we have switched off at some stage during our games this year. Worringly the duration of these seem to have increased as the season rolls on.

Gale and O'Farrell need senior games. Id play both this week. At their best they are certain starters.


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Wet and slippery conditions at Port, the surface looks alright but covered by a lot of surface water.. 9 minutes into the game and the first goal kicked by the Gold. The wet footy like a bar of soap.

Bonaddio copped one hight in front of goals and has levelled the scores.


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Port edging on top at quarter time.. Port 3.2.20 to Bendigo Gold 2.1.13

Good tough footy so far.



Port Melbourne 3.2 7.4 12.9 16.10 (106)
Bendigo 2.1 5.4 6.4 8.5 (53)

Port Melbourne: Galea 4 Scipione 4 Cain 3 Allan Bentick Baird Bonaddio Skipper
Bendigo: Little 3 Stroobants Thompson Dell'Olio Steinberg Baguley

Port Melbourne: Baird Pinwill Valenti Scipione Skipper Allan
Bendigo: O'Brien Shinners Pears Hille Little Collins


Not one Bendigo player could make the effort to come back to the social club after the game,disapointing...


Probably because they don't social facilities or reserves so doing things like that are foreign.

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Not having seen the game due to being at a wedding (hoping to watch the game tomorrow). How did young Prowse go in the rucksack for the Borough? Did it free up Skipper and Bones?


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Got to watch the game today. I thought the umpiring was poor in the first quarter but wasn't too bad for the remainder.

Good game of footy in tough conditions.

For Port it was pretty much the 4 quarter effort that I was hoping to see.

What was really encouraging for finals footy is that some of what you might call second teir players are really stepping up.

Scipione continues to improve and is getting a lot of the footy. Marc and Clay Johnston doing really well and Matty Wall also impressive. Good signs for the club!