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2012 - Round 21 - Williamstown vs. Sandringham

Williamstown vs. Sandringham
Saturday 18th August
Burbank Oval at 2:00 PM

B Veszpremi Witkowski Wall
HB Hooper Talia Grant
C Jong Carr Wyatt*
HF Cooney Panos Djerrkura
F Sherman L. Jones Skinner
R Campbell Goodes Jolley
Int Howard McCallum Georgiadis
Sing McNamara Charleston
Greenwood McHarg Moles
Anastasio Hill Woods

B Shenton Dowler Newnes
HB Peake Ferguson Clarke
C Cook Cockie Marigliani
HF Markworth Archer Ledger
F Siposs Stanley Dunell
R Sikora C. Jones Curren
Int Michaliades Hallahan Ross
Sands Milera Mavric
Winmar Fallon* Polo


Selected Wiliamstown line up doesn't mean much as Bulldogs have 7 named on it's interchange for Sunday and all 7 selected in the above line up. However, good to see McNamara back from injury.
Sandy centre line of Cook, Cockie and Marigliani looks strong.
Should be a good game, despite the ground conditions.


This will be a great contest and a tough game to pick. With up to 15mm of rain expected friday the ground is going to be ripped to shreads.

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Wet or dry both teams have to play in it but what should be a very good game as both sides will want a win here.
Sandy have played very well the last 2 matches but I doubt if any have played at Williamstown before so a new experience for all concerned.
Hopefully a good match and a close Zebra victory.


The weather will play the biggest role in this game and if the AFL listede players on both sides dont want to get down and dirty it could be very interesting.

BTW its pissing down atm.


Had a look for a while but Im well past watching shitty games played on sub standard grounds in freezing conditions.

Im not saying that the ground conditions are only to blame for Sandys poor form but in this day and age conditions like at Willy today are just not good enough for the supposed best comp outside the AFL.

In fact in over 60 years of going to Point Gellbrand I Have never seen the oval in worse shape luckily the rain kept away or it would have been an even worse quagmire.

Williamstown shouldnt be allowed to present a ground is such a poor condition.

The game would have been better played at the Western Oval.


Williamstown 5.5 5.6 13.14 15.14 (104)
Sandringham 0.0 2.4 2.4 5.8 (38)

Williamstown: McCallum 6 McHarg 2 Georgiadis 2 Hooper 2 Carr Hill Sherman
Sandringham: Polo Marigliani Archer Cook JONES

Williamstown: McCallum Georgiadis Grant Sherman Wall Campbell
Sandringham: Archer Siposs Dunell JONES Blake Newnes

Convincing win by the Seagulls at the Cow Paddock.


The ground is in awful condition and should not be fixtured to play any VFL games. Plenty of work for the curators to do over summer.

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The playing surface is a disgrace...farcical to be playing games there while it is in that sort of condition. I had the misfortune to have to walk on it to the huddle...seen cow paddocks in better condition

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Was good enough for one team to kick their 15 goals......


Find it interesting that all the Sandy people are bagging the ground, Willi did kick 15 goals and kicked 8 goals 8 in the third quarter. Perhaps the result says more about a certain sides mindset to get down and dirty.

Willi did their warm up on the ground whilst Sandy chose to warm up on the asphalt in the car park. Impartial observers were quick to conclude that one side was switched on and ready to play.