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Odds for JJ Liston Trophy

Odds from
$2 Shane Valenti(PM)
$4 John Baird(PM)
$5.50 Myles Sewell(NBal)
$14 Tom Couch (Casey)
$17 Adam Cockie(Sand),Ben Jolley(Will)
$21 Sam Dwyer(PM),Troy Selwood(Geel),Ben Ross(Werr)
$26 Kyle Martin(Fston),Dean Galea(PM),Cameron Pederson(Werr),Rick Ladson(Bend)
$34 Luke Tynan(Casey),Adam Marcon(NBlu),Brett Goodes(Will)
$41 Sam Pleming(PM)
$51 Brendan Lee(Bend),Tom Schneider(BHH),Myke Cook(Sand)
$67 Dean Towers(NBal),Ben Warren(Werr),Scott Sherlock(Werr),Evan Panozza(Casey),Chris Cain(PM),Leigh Harding(Werr),Luke Andrews(BHH),George Burbury(Geel)
$81 Beau Dowler(Sand),Kris Pendlebury(Coll),Michael Sikora(Sand),Leigh Osborne(Fston), Nick Meese(NBlu),George Horlin-Smith(Geel),Willie Wheeler(Cob)
$126 Jamie McNamara(Will),Michael Risely(Casey)
$201 Dom Gleeson(Geel),Kane Lambert(NBlu),Brent Bransgrove(NBlu),Liam Hoy(NBal),Lachlan Delahunty(Fston),Ricky Ferraro(Coll),Daniel Pratt(BHH),Farren Ray(Sand)

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Adam Cockie and Myke Cook well worthy of any JJ.Liston votes


Couch and Tynan look like decent value to me.



Couch and Tynan look like decent value to me.


What pice the quinella, Valenti & Sewell.
Big $$$$ for Sewell in the last couple of days.
Whoever beats Valenti will win. Unsure about Baird. ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Must be a lot of money around for Sam Dwyer. He is now down to $6. That's a big plunge

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Yeah I was going to say Sam Dwyer at $21 dollars.. Massive value. Especially after being talked up so much last year and not polling well, I reckon the umpires would pay more attention to him.



How many games did he miss?


well Sam Dwyer he had an amazing year last year and got 2 votes work that out ?

so going by that his had a good year this year so he will prob win it.

Who knows what the umpires think maybe they should work on giving correct decisions before they give votes.

never liked umpires voting on players should be done from a 3rd party.

My tip John Baird Port Melbourne

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In today's telecast, Hookie couldn't commit to Sam Dwyer, but he clearly knows the winner.