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2012 - 1st Qualifying Final - Casey Scorpions vs. Werribee Tigers

1st Qualifying Final
Casey Scorpions vs. Werribee Tigers
Sunday 2nd September
Casey Fields, Cranbourne at 2:00 PM

Casey Scorpions

B Riseley Davis Hill
HB Matthews Panozza Strauss
C Sheahan Gysberts L. Tynan
HF Moloney Gent Nicholls
F Couch Bate Smith
R Spencer Lindsay Magner
Int Petropoulos Collins Cook
Corry Patti Weekes
Clay Corrigan* Fieldsend

Werribee Tigers

B Mangan Kennedy Sherlock
HB Harding Hartigan Wormald
C Sierakowski Greenwood Speight
HF Mather Pedersen Warren
F Ross McKinley Castello
R Daw Lynch Sharp
Int Moloney Bolton Wilson
O'Dwyer Sullivan Purton-Smith
Keras* Tuck Martiniello

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2012 Peter Jackson VFL

Casey Scorpions 2.4 2.5 3.9 3.10 (28)
Werribee Tigers 1.0 4.2 4.7 6.10 (46)

Casey Scorpions: Gent Riseley Smith
Werribee Tigers: McKinley 3 Speight Harding Warren

Casey Scorpions: Riseley Magner Tynan Sheahan Panozza Gysberts
Werribee Tigers: Harding Sierakowski Hartigan McKinley Mather Sharp



Was at this game, the wind wreaked havoc with kicking for goal and general play with both teams.

Decent crowd out at Casey, but could have been better in my opinion.

Harding outstanding running off half back for Werribee.