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2012 Under 23 Young Guns match

Played prior to the Werribee v Geelong game on Sunday at 11:00am

Name Club DOB
Dean Putt Bendigo Gold 10/04/1989
Gene Pallazzo Bendigo Pioneers 3/06/1994
Nick Mee Bendigo Pioneers 8/09/1994
Harry O’Meara Bendigo Pioneers 28/12/1994
Sean Gregory Calder Cannons 20/01/1994
Michael Riseley Casey Scorpions 21/12/1988
Tim Smith Casey Scorpions 29/2/1991
Tom O'Sullivan Caulfield Grammarians FC 1/05/1991
Leigh Masters Coburg Tigers 22/06/1992
Willie Wheeler Coburg Tigers 21/06/1992
Nick Riddle Collingwood VFL 9/04/1992
Lachlan Wallace Collingwood VFL 24/01/1992
Patrick Flynn Collingwood VFL 3/04/1991
Brede Seccull Collingwood VFL 24/11/1993
Nathan Mill Eastern Ranges 11/06/1993
Matthew Farrelly Echuca FC 7/01/1993
Shaun Marusic Frankston FC 24/03/1992
Chamberlain Patrick Ndongo Frankston FC 22/03/1987
Riley Heddles Frankston FC 15/01/1991
Matt Sully Geelong Cats 15/10/1992
Scott Simpson Mt.Eliza FC 19/10/1989
Tim Knowles Mulgrave FC 7/04/1993
Kaiden Antonawicz Murray Bushrangers 24/07/1994
Matt Taberner Murray Bushrangers 17/06/1993
Joseph Cousins Murray Bushrangers 7/10/1994
Lucas Anderson North Ballarat Roosters 7/04/1992
Sam Conroy North Ballarat Roosters 19/10/1991
Cam Valentine North Ballarat Roosters 2/11/1993
Coleman Schache North Ballarat Roosters 11/10/1993
Tim Totevski Northern Blues 5/08/1993
Jarryd Coulson Northern Knights 31/12/1993
Keenan Posar Northern Knights 4/08/1994
Tom Grimes Northern Knights 1/12/1994
Anthony Bonaddio Northern Knights 6/01/1994
Damien Mascitti Port Melbourne 18/08/1992
Justin Van Unen Rye FC 4/03/1990
Jackson Coleman Sandringham Zebras 18/12/1991
Jack Beech Sandringham Zebras 23/05/1992
Michael Sikora Sandringham Zebras 26/01/1989
James Flack South Mildura FC 20/7/1993
Luke Williams St.Albans FC (GFL) 9/5/1993


I might be a tad biased seeing as im a casey supporter, but how on earth does luke tynan not get selected in the squad for this game?? surely this represents how disappointing the VFL is becoming...can't even notice a player who makes the VFL team of the year!

Wally from Will...
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Can't add up either if a player whose date of birth is 22/03/1987 (Ndongo from Frankston FC) can make an Under 23 team, unless there are special rules as he would appear to be 25yo.


Alot of the better under 23 VFL players aren't playing, the game is a good idea but should be played earlier in year.


Often, players who have had excellent VFL seasons are advised not to play, as one bad mickey mouse game could undo a whole season of good work.