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2012 Under 23 Young Guns match

Played prior to the Werribee v Geelong game on Sunday at 11:00am

Name Club DOB
Dean Putt Bendigo Gold 10/04/1989
Gene Pallazzo Bendigo Pioneers 3/06/1994
Nick Mee Bendigo Pioneers 8/09/1994
Harry O’Meara Bendigo Pioneers 28/12/1994
Sean Gregory Calder Cannons 20/01/1994
Michael Riseley Casey Scorpions 21/12/1988
Tim Smith Casey Scorpions 29/2/1991
Tom O'Sullivan Caulfield Grammarians FC 1/05/1991
Leigh Masters Coburg Tigers 22/06/1992
Willie Wheeler Coburg Tigers 21/06/1992
Nick Riddle Collingwood VFL 9/04/1992
Lachlan Wallace Collingwood VFL 24/01/1992
Patrick Flynn Collingwood VFL 3/04/1991
Brede Seccull Collingwood VFL 24/11/1993
Nathan Mill Eastern Ranges 11/06/1993
Matthew Farrelly Echuca FC 7/01/1993
Shaun Marusic Frankston FC 24/03/1992
Chamberlain Patrick Ndongo Frankston FC 22/03/1987
Riley Heddles Frankston FC 15/01/1991
Matt Sully Geelong Cats 15/10/1992
Scott Simpson Mt.Eliza FC 19/10/1989
Tim Knowles Mulgrave FC 7/04/1993
Kaiden Antonawicz Murray Bushrangers 24/07/1994
Matt Taberner Murray Bushrangers 17/06/1993
Joseph Cousins Murray Bushrangers 7/10/1994
Lucas Anderson North Ballarat Roosters 7/04/1992
Sam Conroy North Ballarat Roosters 19/10/1991
Cam Valentine North Ballarat Roosters 2/11/1993
Coleman Schache North Ballarat Roosters 11/10/1993
Tim Totevski Northern Blues 5/08/1993
Jarryd Coulson Northern Knights 31/12/1993
Keenan Posar Northern Knights 4/08/1994
Tom Grimes Northern Knights 1/12/1994
Anthony Bonaddio Northern Knights 6/01/1994
Damien Mascitti Port Melbourne 18/08/1992
Justin Van Unen Rye FC 4/03/1990
Jackson Coleman Sandringham Zebras 18/12/1991
Jack Beech Sandringham Zebras 23/05/1992
Michael Sikora Sandringham Zebras 26/01/1989
James Flack South Mildura FC 20/7/1993
Luke Williams St.Albans FC (GFL) 9/5/1993

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I might be a tad biased seeing as im a casey supporter, but how on earth does luke tynan not get selected in the squad for this game?? surely this represents how disappointing the VFL is becoming...can't even notice a player who makes the VFL team of the year!

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Can't add up either if a player whose date of birth is 22/03/1987 (Ndongo from Frankston FC) can make an Under 23 team, unless there are special rules as he would appear to be 25yo.

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Alot of the better under 23 VFL players aren't playing, the game is a good idea but should be played earlier in year.

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Often, players who have had excellent VFL seasons are advised not to play, as one bad mickey mouse game could undo a whole season of good work.