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Frankston Dolphins 2013

The Dolphins have announced their first signings for 2013, co-captains Mitch Bosward and Luke Potts. Great to keep these young leaders at the club, and it doesnt sound like theyre going anywhere:

[quote=Mitch Bosward]

“It’s been pretty hard work the last few years, but this year you could tell things were on the up. The seniors were competitive every week except two and the development team beat a couple of finals teams.

"Next year we are going to get the rewards for all this work.”


[quote=Luke Potts]

“I love the club. I just want to be a part of some success, and with all the good young fellas we have I think that is coming up in the next couple of years.”


[quote=Frankston Dolphins]

A number of other signing announcements, including new signings, will follow in the coming weeks.


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Good on the Dolphins!

I hope they get into the 8 next year - be good for the comp :)


Best and Fairest is on Friday Night probably hear more then.


Dolphins have announced the re-signing of two more guns from last season - Dylan Van Unen who finished 3rd in the B&F and Leigh Kitchin who finished 5th.

Two players who are very talented but have also asserted themselves as leaders of the club in their first season. Kitchin has even taken on helping run the club's social media and our community program! Pretty impressive.

[quote=Leigh Kitchin]

We have that closer knit feel here because we all train and play together every week. You have a bit more freedom too, Goose lets you play your natural game, and we all live and learn from our mistakes and we are growing as a team.


[quote=Simon Goosey]

Dylan is a good person as well as a good player, and that is really important for the club. It shows with how much the players respect him. What I love about Dylan is he takes ownership of our structures and he is a natural leader


[quote=Frankston Dolphins]

All going to plan, the first major NEW signing will be announced next week! So keep checking in to to get all the latest news.


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Local paper down my way has Chris Irving, Michael Lourey and Scott Simpson already signed for Frankston. Apparently Frankston have been talking to players that were still involved in local finals which was getting up the local clubs noses.

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Local clubs complaining about talking to players during the season is pretty funny, a lot of them start calling in July! Some wait until August...

From what I know, one of the players you mentioned will be the one announced next week but two havent signed. Hopefully they will, but Ive seen too many 'yep Im comings' turn into something else to celebrate before they do.


Is Goosey interviewing players as the "Frankston Coach" or as an "Essendon Recruiter"?


Wonder which VFL Club complained about Goosey working with Essendon?

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I heard PK is planning on doing a full pre-season with the Dolphins.

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PK is a Dolphin fanatic and if fully fit could make the senior team. Has been around for some time but still very keen and good luck to him if he still has the speed and pace for it.


The road from Mt Eliza to Frankston was busy this week with Michael Lourey signing on Tuesday and Scott Simpson today.

These are fantastic signings. Young, talented, local bigs who want to be part of the club and will easily fit into the culture. Exciting stuff!