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Can play too. Plays similar to James Gwilt who was plucked from Noble Park by St Kilda. Good get by the dolphins.


Yep its a shocking waste that a great footballing area like Greater Dandenong hasnt got a senior team representing them.

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Was a shocker of a decision when they got rid of Dandeniong as the area sure does produce some good footballers. Frankston are hopefully getting some good recruits for 2013. Looks like they might be on the march for a significant improvement.
Noble Park have a solid history and would destroy them in the SFL. They made the right move going to the EFL more than a decade ago. If the old VFA were still around you could bet your bottom dollar Noble Park would have been part of it. They have a great social club and also play night games at home on some occasions. Good juniors and have been a strong club for quite a while. The fact that Kyle Martin dod well for the dolphins and get a game without afl interference it entices others like Ziggy Alwan to have a crack at VFL level. Some kids just need a brake and they could get to the next level or two quite easily.


3 Frankston players are playing in the NTFL. Flying up to Darwin to play every weekend.

Luke Clark, Matt & Josh Viney are playing with the Darwin Buffaloes.


Huge congratulations to Dylan Van Unen on being drafted by Essendon!! From not being good enough for Box Hill he now has a chance to make it in the AFL.

With Dylan and Toby Thoolen gone the priority for the Dolphs has to be a couple of key defenders. Scott Simpson could fill one of those spots but some more help needed.

Congrats too to Mark Baguley for officially being upgraded to the senior list.


Goosey doing a great job for Frankston/Essendon!


Dolphins have announced the signing of Jackson Coleman from Sandy and Matt Cunningham, who had previously played at Box Hill (2009) and spent last year at Bayswater (I think).

New signings so far for 2013 are: Scott Simpson (Mt Eliza), Michael Lourey (Mt Eliza/Sandy), Sam Lloyd (Mt Eliza/Bendigo), Chris Irving (Seaford/Sandy), Jackson Coleman (Sandy), Daniel Farmer (Collingwood), Matt Cunningham (EFL), Guy Phelps, Daniel Cooper and Jayden Cass (all Box Hill), Zig Alwyn (Noble Park) and a pretty decent list of Stingray kids.

There are one or two more significant signings left if all goes to plan.

Guys who played some senior footy and have left the club are: Dylan Van Unen (Essendon), Toby Thoolen (Port), Warwick Miller (travel/MPNFL), James Orr (Frankston Blues SEABL), Matt Clark, Daniel Corp, Karl Lombardozzi and Peter Davenport. I also believe Shaun Marusic, Jackson Sketcher and Patty Ndongo have left but dont know for sure.

There's a pretty good chance Leigh Osborne will be at Gold Coast and there are couple of others (Martin, Haretuku, Delahunty and Kitchin) with varying chances of being rookied next Tuesday.


Building an impressive list of recruits down at Frankston Park. Good work.

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Pity James Orr didn't try to make it 4 different clubs in 4 seasons

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


The way Frankston are going they should be renamed the Frankston Zebras.
Pretty sad to see players like Irving and Coleman(who showed he could play at the highest level when given the chance) go but thems the breaks when you are in an alingement with an AFL club

Unfortunately it looks like the Zebras will have to rely more and more on St Kilda listed players to perform. I just hope we are not going down the same road as Box Hill and Preston.

One would hope albeit a forlorn one that the Sandringham FC would one day eventually join the likes of Williamstown and Bendigo in the standalone club group but I wont be holding my breath.