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Vfa/vfl jumpers

Does anyone here colllect vfa or vfl jumpers?

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Occasionally you see them on ebay. The Camberwell, Geelong West and Yarraville would be the most sought after. I have a Berwick, Mordialloc, Geelong West heritage and an old Werribee with the W on front. Not sure if they fitr me though. I would love to get hold of an original Camberwell, Yarraville with an eagle and a Sunsshine with the S on front which they wore for a few years in the early 80s.

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Nice ltlle collection vfa. Yes they hardly come along. A camberwell vfa was on ebay about 4 months ago. It sold for $95

Willi vfa come along every now & then

If you ever get the chance i would love to see pics vfa.