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bigfooty board

just wonderinfg if anyone here pots on the vfl board at or any other vfl boards?

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I do infrequently. The VFL board on bigfooty is pretty dead. I lurk on opposition clu s boards when we play them and I am also a reader of the Doggies board, but rarely post.

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I have a look at the forums for the AFL aligned club that Port play against just out of interest. It's a pretty interesting read at times. Usually one eyed AFL supporters bitching about how they didnt get the rub of the green and bagging their own players.

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So this would be the most popular vfl forum ?

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Big footy is not one for me. No interest whatsoever. Only on occasions look at vfl board there as well as checking the video/dvds section in case of any old VFA tapes. I have never posted on bigfooty and probably never will.
The vflfooty by Northport is clearly the best website !!!