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The Northern Slimes were flattered to get within 13 pts. Frankston dominated the game and were never in doubt. Williamstown and Coburg have helped the dolphins in the fight for the eight beating Collingwood and the roosters respectively.
Dolphins are getting better as the season gets longer and self belief is there in almost each game they contest. Looks like Geelong should be odds on favorite for flag at the minute. The hill at fever pitch beating the slimes today.


The forces of good have triumphed over the forces of evil!

The petulant behaviour we've come to expect from Mick Malthouse and the Blues was there for all to see down at Frankston Park on Sunday. Time on into the last quarter and Robbie Warnock and Josh Bootsma are sent to the rooms early. Both men walked around the boundry line across to the vistors rooms on the other side of the ground, only to stand in the race and watch the rest of the game.

This wasn't about players starting recovery or a pre-planned rest or injury, it was a message that, well Frankston you may have won the game but the result doesn't really mean that much and you probably only won because we didn't bring our a-game.

The players probably didn't want to leave the arena early and were simply following instructions from Carlton coaching staff headed up by Mick Malthouse who sat in the Nth Blues coaches box throughout the game.

Thing is when the Nth Blues win they are very keen to tell everyone how great they are and that winning is important, but when they lose it's a different story.

Great win by the Dolphins without Haretuku, Heddles, Delahunty and Gallagher.