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2013 - R17 - Bendigo Gold vs. Coburg

Bendigo Gold vs. Coburg
Saturday 10th August
Queen Elizabeth Oval at 2:00PM

Bendigo Gold
B Clark Putt Munari
HB Miller* Beck Bolton
C Stroobants Lange Toman
HF Heavyside Thomson Brooker
F Jo. Collins Sheahan Magin
R Kelm Hams Aarts
Int Farrelly McCarty Lambden
Cain Mc Linden McInnes

B Dea Darrou Elton
HB Groves Grimes Egglestone
C Nahas Verrier Helbig
HF A. Edwards O'Hanlon Batchelor
F McDonough McBean N. Maric
R Stephenson Lonergan Thomas
Int Boyd* Uysal Murphy
Clifton Carnell Brandt
Derickx A. Saad Venditti

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I'd love to see Bendigo a win before the seasons end, just to try and give the locals something back for 2013. However, I can't see it happening.