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In the Seniors, even the scoreboard couldn't cope. It must have been too much for it having the AWAY team on the top, and it went blank. Was it in protest at the lack of protocol for Finals???

Why Williamstown in white shorts?


Why Port as the away team not stripping in the away team rooms.
Must admit I did get a chuckle out of the world's BEST scoreboard crapping itself.
Definitely some mileage to be gained over the summer !!

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Shit day all round. I believe there was a power outage that affected the scoreboard. Not sure about the white short / blue shorts. I guess the VFL makes that decision.

Williamstown far too good. When I'm a little less 'down' Ill try and make some more constructive comment.


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Port's heavy loss would be a big blow to the team and its supporters. It would be a shock to get beaten in such easy fashion. I got stunned by Redan's easy win over North Ballarat City last weekend, so can emphasise a bit. (Hopefully they'll defeat Darley on Sunday to again face Redan in a PF in the Ballarat League's peculiar finals system.)

Regarding the power failure to the electric scoreboard, arrangements MUST be made to have another scoreboard readily available to be used, at all grounds using such boards. How long was it off at North Port today?

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10 minutes I suppose.. They used the old manual numbers on the side of the scoreboard


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Nah we cheered em off, bad day but you get that. Manual system was up within 15 mins, would have been better if it wasn`t so we didn`t have to look at it lol

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I couldn't give a shit about the scoreboard after ht.

Well done to the towners. Blew us off the park. Nothing more to say about it.

Yes guys us port supporters do deserve to cop some flack. I think a few of us supporters & players may have got a bit ahead of ourselves & thought today would just happen.

Wally from Will...
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I'm gobsmacked with that result, fully expected to get spanked, can't see us getting over Geelong though .....

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Nah well done to you guys. As much as it hurts me to say it you guys deserved the victory and all the best. Sport can be cruel and no more so than today.

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Nah well done to you guys. As much as it hurts me to say it you guys deserved the victory and all the best. Sport can be cruel and no more so than today.


But when all is said it is only game that dosent matter that much in the big things in life!

But I must say Im surprised at the margin of the defeat esp at North Port End of an era at Port? as they say all good things come to an end sometime.

EG: Sandy and Nth Ballarat who both won 3 premierships on the trot not just one and came to a grinding halt for three next few seasons.