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Bonnas gone!

Via Paul Amy on twitter. Bonnadio. Hinkley and Pitt gone from Port

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Via Paul Amy on twitter. Bonnadio. Hinkley and Pitt gone from Port


Bonners was gone years ago !!!!
Just joking........Give credit where it's due he really gave his all in 2013 & went to the wire strongly. He can hold his head very high.
Pity a couple of others didn't show as much guts & determination.

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One I already knew. One is a bit of a shock but did not play all year in the 1's.
The last one I'm shattered about. Great guy & had so much talent but a bad run with Injurys.

Good luck lads.

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Sorry to hear of those departures. Bonaddio in particular has been one of the highlights to watch at Port for a number of years now and will be sorely mussed.

He gave 110% every time he ran out in a Port jumper. He was a ferocious tackler and could really bust a pack when taking a grab.

Hinkley never really lived up to his potential at Port imo. Pitt has tremendous potential and hopefully he contunues his career elsewhere.

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Bonnas will be missed. Definetly a crowd favourite as well as being a great player. Its not that big a suprise though as he said that at the end of last season he was not going to play which was reported in the local media - he came back gave the Bonnas encoure performace had another season which we all appreciate. Bonnas if you are reading this - THANK YOU!

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Yep, he was a player who wore his heart on his sleeve and gave it all, but above that for me he is a fantastic bloke. Sad to see him go.