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League Preliminary Final
3 Quarter Time
West 6-8(44)
North 10-11(71)

North have won each quarter


League Preliminary Final
West 8-8(56)
North 16-16(112)
Final Score

North have come from 5th spot and will play Norwood in next Sunday's SANFL Grand Final in Football Park's Farewell Match.

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Wow what a result just amazing. Norwood will go in at 1.20 fans one would think.

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No such thing as a certainty. In the YVMDFL last year Gembrook Cockatoo beat Woori Yallock by 20 goals in the second semi. Result of the GF you guessed it Woori Yallock turned the tables and won.
Remember in 1998 when Werribee thrashed Springvale in the second semi not many predicted a Springvale win in the GF. The rest is history.

Huge upsets can happen and sides can turn the tables in a complete form reversal.