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James Podsiadly delisted/not renewed by Geelong.

Would be a gun recruit for Bendigo Gold if Pods is still keen to play at VFL level. It would also be good to see him return to the 'bees.


Goal square, Willy road end.. Would look good!

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Pods will get picked up on the draft even at his age. Maybe GWS can have him for a year or two to help put the young kids there. He can also be a protector for Jeremy Cameron who might have an extra defender on him next year. Pods is too good of a player to get delisted and I would expect him to run around at afl for at least another 2 years.

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If I had the money (which I well and truly don't!), I said "Hey Pods... here's a bag of cash, go play Full Forward for two years at Bendigo Gold and bring the crowds in".



Goal square, Willy road end.. Would look good!


Just keep spending it Burra !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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I'm hoping he don't come to port. Band aids are not the idea.

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When was the last time port recruited a guy over 30? Why start now.


He will be picked up by an AFL club IMHO he still has at least one to two years left at AFL level.If I won Tattslotto LOL I would try and get him to Sandy as he would be a great VFL player.

Wally from Will...
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Western Bulldogs need a key forward,could do a Barry Hall there for 2 or 3 seasons and also could assist in helping out with the new Footscray VFL side and its young list.


The Bulldogs had Pods right under their nose at Werribee for years & never looked at him, what a joke if they grabbed him now. Probably symptomatic of why they haven't won a flag for 60 seasons.

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When was the last time port recruited a guy over 30? Why start now.

probably Barassi or Skilton

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That worked well. Barrassi 3 games Skilton about 11.

Although one of those 3 games is the ground record at TBBO