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Pods would look good at the Roosters,long as he does,not knock over his own teamates flying for the screamer from behind,he has been a great story and just shows what perserverance does,he should be proud of his achivements,he may get picked up on a one year deal by someone,or may try his hand at coaching,but anyway whatever he does he will give it his best

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That worked well. Barrassi 3 games Skilton about 11.

Although one of those 3 games is the ground record at TBBO


Which Sandy first "official" game on the scoreboard...HUGE crowd at sandy...and with the rain after 1/2 time virtually no-one at the ground..always good to beat Port in any weather conditions

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years


Of course I was there it was easily the biggest crowd estimated at 12000+ but I believe it was more than that as a lot of people jumped the fence and got in for free. The next biggest being the relegation match against Oakleigh which Sandy luckily won It would have been close to the Port crowd That game had it all with brawls a plenty and Alf Beus being reported for striking an umpire and part of the boundry fence falling in due to the crush of the crowd.. Ah the memories that dont have games like that anymore - mores the pity!

There were also some very big crowds against Moorabbin in the 1960s 10,000 plus I believe.

One of the reasons the crowd was so big against Port was Sandy floated the idea which the Sun ran on its back page that Barry Harrison who was coaching Sandy at the time would play one last game against Barassi and belt him like he did in the 1958 VFL GF against Melbourne which Collingwood won and broke Melbournes chance of equaling Collingwoods record of 4 straight flags.
Melbourne went on the win the next and would have had the record of 6 in a row.

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Saw all those great games and never forget the great crowds also the big one preseason Footscray v St. Kilda practise match .
I was serving the sausage bbq with Don Mckellar and they packed them in that day and totally exhausted for next few days.

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With Geelong shedding players like Chapman, Varcoe and Pods this will of course make their depth much thinner and I would expect Geelong VFL team next year to spiral down the ladder. Players like Kersten, Burbury and Horlin- Smith will most likely be afl regulars. I would not be surprised if Geelong vfl team missed the eight next year. Pods will be on an afl list. Could even be a great fit for a young club like Gold Coast. Pods would be of enormous value on the Gold Coast.

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I hope you are right VFA. As for the big crowd in Sandy - its no suprise they got big crowds when they were on the back page of the Sun. Publicity brings in crowds. Their is our problem today - limited coverage by major sources.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


According to media reports today He may be headed to Freo.

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He would be suited at Freo giving them another big forward to help Pavlich.
Might be what the dockers need as they lack big key forwards.

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Pods would be suited in most teams as has great marking strength and can be useful as a change ruckman. Would be happy for him to be at Zebraland, if ever we could afford him.