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2013 Port Melbourne B&F night

I believe Chris Cain won, followed by Sam Pleming and John Baird.

Congratulations to all.

The Port Melbourne website hasn't been updated, so I'm not sure how/who polled overall.

If you know, please post here :)

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Yes this is correct Northport as I attended the Best & Fairest Presentation last night at the International Reception Centre in Brighton. Chris Cain a worthy winner of the Jack McFarlane Medal plus Sam Pleming second and John Baird third . Chris won the Past Players award at the social venue at the ground a few weeks back on the 10th of September and also last week the supporters award The Heather Doughty Medal Trophy which was held at the Clare Castle Hotel Port Melbourne Wednesday 25th of September. Great effort by Chris Cain to win all awards voted by different sections of the club.