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Is this the Michael Searl who has kicked 6 goals in 6 games, averaged 11 touches a game, and in 2014 has never been named in North Ballarat's best players?


Yes, That's the one. Has had a very good year & is not a forward. Unfortunately owing to a severe shortage of a quality ruckman the Roosters have to use him as a spare parts man ruck, forward or back. A far better player than half the ones selected.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green



Agree Digs with that. Fitzy been the outstanding coach over last 315 games. My comment was more at guys here knocking the ones who took the side this year. I think they got most things right. Who did think should have been in the side that wasn't?


Don't see enough of the other teams to make an accurate selection.
If there are not another seven or eight players to make up a decent team from all the clubs other than Williamstown or Port it's no wonder we got beat.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


In 2015 VFL are due to play NEAFL (I believe VFL host this match but not 100% certain). Frankston would be perfect fit.


Digs I think 10 of clubs represented. 4 who had no one were standalone AFL clubs, Ess, Coll, Rich & Geel who have very few VFL listed players play just like northern blues so probably just your side who missed out and maybe should have had someone in. Who from here should have played?


Digs, who do you think from Willy shouldn't have got a game. I reckon all 5 played well. From Port who shouldn't have got a game? Maybe Noonan but think probably no one better at other clubs? Pinwill did well and has good year and ground would have suited so I think worth selecting. Others would all pick themselves I reckon.


Who'd really go down to Frankston to watch the "state side" play? At least port is central.


My beef is with the amount of and quality of the Box Hill players chosen . Didn't they realise that Cheeney and Spangher weren't going to be around to give Lock and Kennedy a chop out? Mirra should've been the only Box Hill player in the side. Matt Sully of Geelong could have easily been selected ahead of Kennedy. Even John Anthony would have bee better.

Then Alik Magin gets a game ahead of Shane Hockey, the latter averages 28 touches a game in 2014. Magin was good last year but has struggled in several games this year. Tyrone Downie has been good but doesn't even make the initial 40 man squad.


You have little idea then bullants! How many VFL games of Box Hill games have you seen in the last 2 years? Lock has been great and although missed a game and knocked out in another as a wingman averaged about 25 poss each week this year. He wasn't one of best but ok on weekend. Kennedy struggled on Wundke like anyone matched up on him did, but Sully hasn't been as good either year - look at his results and see he has been in best once and that was when he played forward. He has played there more than back this year.
Remember that praccy game Box Hill beat the blues where you guys had 15 listed players and Box Hill none? I reckon there might be some quality there bullants - maybe just go and watch a game every so often. They did beat Frankston by 20 goals a few weeks ago with just 6 listed Haw players! I don't think last years premiers and undefeated until last week having 3 players would be an excess?
I agree on Magin though, thought he struggled but Shane Hockey is an inside player and they has probably too many of these anyway. I don't think he is better than Valenti, Lower, Marcon, Jolley, Cockie, Cain or even PInwill at that ground. Averages 28 but not enough go to a team-matebut having said that would have been ok if any of these others out.
I have not heard of Downie but looking at stats only been in best 3 times at Bendigo and surely Aussie Jones would have put his name up if good enough.
And Jack Anthony in the games I have seen (and I admit only 2) has been fair at best but as you would see every game you obviously think he is staring. His coach obviously doesn't having only put him in the best once.

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Ryan Ferguson would have been more than handy for the VFL but unfortunately was injured. He has been at West Adelaide for the past few seasons and was flying for the seagulls including a blinder against the dolphins before getting injured. He would have played against the majority of the SA players.
Wundke I thought played exceptional. He played well in most games for the roosters and probably should have done better for North in his time for the AFL. On Saturday's effort he would not have been out of place in the AFL. Richmond could have done with him after some very ordinary performances this season.

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Further to post #53, with Tasmania's easy victory over NEAFL on Saturday 21 June, the rankings remain the same. The only difference is that the NEAFL drops further than Tasmania. Tas 18.12.120 v NEAFL 11.12.79.