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Shaun Smith info

Hi all, just wondering about the VFA-L career of Shaun Smith at Werribee.

I know he played with the Bees in 1993-4 and 1999-2004 (pretty sure) but it also says on wikipedia (yeah, I know) that he was recruited to North in 1987 from Werribee. Just wondering if he played senior or reserves footy then, if at all!

Have a feeling Shaun could be the only player to play VFA, VFL (original) VFL (original) reserves, VSFL, AFL, AFL reserves, VFL (old VFA) and (FINALLY) VFL (old VFA) reserves!! Don't worry if you can't follow that, I'm stuggling and I'm writing it.

Trying to see whether he would have played any VFA reserve matches (not VFL) and considering he was an ex-VFL player in 93-94, would think it only likely if he'd started his career pre North at Werribee! Not referring to reserves games played late in his career at Werribee, as it was VFL by that stage.

Sorry this has been such a wordy, hard to follow ramble! Any help would be appreciated.



According to the footy bible Shaun Smith played 47 games & 38 goals for North Melbourne between 1987 & 1993, including 80 reserve games,then Melbourne 62 games & 96 goals between 1995 & 1998.
Born on 22nd June 1969. From Ainslie in the ACT a la James Hird.
Suffered a bad liver injury in 1991.
I guess he must have been at Werribee in 1994.
Up until a couple of years ago he coached Ballarat district team Newlyn in the Central Highlands League

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


He's a friend of a friend. I think he retired from country footy after a neck injury or something.

Can't see why he would have played either VFA or (modern) VFL reserves. He was a star at werribee wasn't he? There was actually an article on the VFL Facebook about werribee's hall of fame a few days ago that mentioned him.


I vaguely remember Smith playing for Werribee 2's in his second stint at the club, he was a fair age by that stage.


Awesome Digs. Thanks. Good to get some numbers


Thanks Heath_eld, yes he was a star. Just thought that if he was there as a youngster he may have played a few, and I remember in his last year, with grey hair, he did play the odd reserves match, but a great player for a long time. But you're right, Smith in the 2's doesn't seem right.