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2014 R18 - Sandringham v Coburg

Sandringham vs. Coburg Lions Saturday, August 09
Trevor Barker Beach Oval at 2:00pm


B Noone Simpkin Grace HB Shenton Le Grice Shakallis C Acres Jones Cook HF Ong Dunell Dennis-Lane F Minchington White Milera R Pierce Cockie Verma* Int McTaggart Plostins Ray Schneider Weickhardt Ross Banfield Roberton Munro Wright Saunders Murdoch Holmes

Coburg Lions

B Rogers Linton Robortella HB Robinson Blair A. Saad C McConnell Uysal Mance HF Sturgess Hill Z. Saad F Carnell Featherstone Clifton R Sortino N. Thomas Venditti Int D. Cooper Lindon Younan Abdallah Tang J. Cooper Totino Phelps Madden*

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Should be a very good game as the Zebras know a loss here at home is curtains for any finals chance. Think the Sandy coaching staff will have players up for this one. Will be tough and flat out by both teams.
Hopefully the Zebs will turn it on for Macka.


Quarter Time
Sandringham 9-4(58)
Coburg 1–2(8)


Sandringham 11-8(74)
Coburg 1-7(13)
Half Time