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2014 R18 - Werribee v Footscray

Werribee Tigers vs. Footscray Bulldogs Sunday, August 10
Avalon Airport Oval at 1:00pm

Werribee Tigers

B Crichton Grima McMahon HB Sherlock Shinners Hine
C Bolton Martyn Gribble HF K.Harper Porter Warren F A.Maric Daw Wood R Currie Speight Moore Int Wilson Laracy Reid Mihocek Sharp Buchanan J.Harper B.Norris Dale*

Footscray Bulldogs

B Young Roberts Darley HB Jong Talia Howard C Tutt Higgins Wood HF Giansiracusa Jones Goodes F Dickson Cordy Grant R Redpath Cooney Honeychurch Int Prismall Fort Perkins Jamieson Pearce Iaccarino Russell J. Hayes* W. Hayes Jensen Lower Greenwood

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Werribee will win this game in what looms as a ripper.

Should be the TV game rather than Collingwood v Essendon who cares fixture.