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Werribee... it's not bush footy.

Get the cars out of the ground! The honking of the horns in the ABC TV game against Sandringham this week makes the game feel like park football.

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Ah, but did you see who was featured, with commentary, at about 25 minutes 12 seconds into 2nd quarter?

The ABC should reduce the noise from effects microphones. A hoon motorcyclist could be clearly heard for what seemed ages.

At Box Hill there appears to be a microphone in the middle of the Whitehorse/Middleborough Roads intersection.

As for ABC radio AFL broadcasts, the effects noises often smother the match descriptions. ABC AFL broadcasts assume everyone listening has been listening right from the start and can know the current scores, as they are rarely given.


Ive always hated the cars around the grounds and was glad when the VFA banned them in the 1970s with the help of the Victorian Health dept who saw them as an accident waiting to happen - spectators being crushed against the fence by a runaway car.
It just makes the VFL look like hicksville.


It sounded and looked very ordinary.
Reminds me of when I've played Cricket there in the past and dills ride past the ground on dirt bikes and yell out Howzat!


If you don't have bongos, you might as well have a car horn!

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Car horns and some country grounds go hand in hand.

Billy can you remember all the VFA grounds that have had car horns in the old days ?
Shepley Oval and Central Reserve Waverley would have been two of them.


Shepley Oval Dandenong was the main reasons the cars were banned by the VFA as they used to be 3 and 4 deep on the scoreboard hill at the Creek end and one did slide in the wet and hit the fence.
Ive even seen cars bogged on the hill at Shepley in the
middle of winter with spectators pushing to get them out.
And Shepley was not only a stinking mud heap on the field but around the ground as well. I resorted to wearing rubber boots one day it was so muddy.
Springvale,Mordialloc,Kilsyth,Berwick and Traralgon also let cars in from memory.


As i said early in the year i can't believe AFL Vic let this happen and from 2015 North Ballarat and Werribee should have a ban on cars entering the ground what a joke