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End of an era for ABC broadcasts

From the official VFL website

AFL Victoria has been advised by ABC Television that it cannot provide a firm commitment to broadcast the 2015 Peter Jackson VFL season.

“ABC TV is unable to commit to the broadcast of the VFL in 2015 and beyond,” ABC Television Head of TV Sport & Events Justin Holdforth said.

“The ABC fully understands the necessity for AFL Victoria to pursue any opportunities to broadcast VFL games next year should they be available.”

AFL Victoria General Manager Steven Reaper said that the VFL competition was extremely grateful for ABC’s outstanding coverage for more than 27 years and thanked them for their long-term support of the VFL and, in fact, State League football around Australia.

“On behalf of the Peter Jackson VFL competition and clubs, I would like to thank the ABC for broadcasting the VFL since 1987, when they first telecast the finals.

“The production and coverage has been outstanding and highly valued by the VFA/VFL community,” Reaper said.

“With the support of the AFL, AFL Victoria will be exploring other opportunities to achieve coverage of the VFL competition going forward.”


As Ned said "such is life!"

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Billy, have you checked the VFA Halycon days website where there is a photo of an Oakleigh hut with Oakleigh supporters watching a replay of the 1960 VFA GF against Sandringham. You can see the TV in the background as well as two of oakl;eighs flags 30/31 in the background. The ABC televised the last quarter of this game.
Unfortunately the reel for this is marked missing since 2002. More like misplaced or marked wrong in another canister. Hopefully this game will be found.

I will forward on a link to this later today.


Thanks for that vfa But its not a match that I would enjoy as the Zebras got flogged by ten goals even though they were the flag favorites that year having beaten them in the 2nd semi and during the year.

The last quarter was the worst for the Zebras as Qokleigh kicked 8.2 to Sandys 1.4 to run out winners by 60pts

The VFA sought to play the quarter-final between Coburg and Williamstown on Sunday 4 September at the Coburg Oval, with the Sunday timeslot expected to result in a substantial increase in the gate, but Williamstown refused to play the final at Coburg's home ground. Consequently, both quarter-finals were played at St Kilda on Saturday 3 September as a double-header.[37] The scheduling meant that the Seconds quarter-finals could not be played as curtain raisers to the Firsts quarter-finals, so they were played on the same day at Selwyn Park, Sunshine, also as a double-header.[20]

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Oakleigh played its home games at Camberwell in 1960 and won the flag.

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1960 VFA Grand Final replay watched at a hut at Oakleigh.

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Still no news on WAFL coverage in 2015.

ABC definitely out.
Seven no guarantee at all.
Nine and Ten have no interest.

Live streaming only starting to look like a possibility based on the current scenario.

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Has anyone heard any more regarding next years TV broadcasting? I'd imagine that I'd it's going ahead that it will need to be announced quite soon, with fixtures for 2015 underlay.


Wally from Will...
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Has anyone heard any more regarding next years TV broadcasting? I'd imagine that I'd it's going ahead that it will need to be announced quite soon, with fixtures for 2015 underlay.


Nothing on the ABC website

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I thought it was going to 7 mate ? Should be good - better exposure on #7. May get a mention or two on the news.

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