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I suppose any VFL games to which I will not be able to go to will give me more opportunity to attend North Ballarat City and Carngham Linton matches. Fixtures would need to suit. But, as I put in post #3, VFL supporters should be able to attend all of their team's games.

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Last time Port played a VFL game at the MCG prior to an AFL St Kilda game, we either got in free if we were there prior to the start, or it was $5 like a normal away game.

If a similar system is in place that shouldn't stop supporters going along.



How'd they prevent you staying?

Ron Burger
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This isn't the beginning of the end, it's the embracing of the present.
Think of the players and how happy/excited they will be playing on the MCG/Etihad before their AFL counterparts or opposition.
I for one think the Coburg players would love serving it up to the aligned clubs a la Frankston -v- Geelong.
Let's not kid ourselves, VFL footy is largely u23, and plenty of senior players still aim to get AFL listed.
This is a great move in my view.
If you don't like it, go back to 1981 and watch your Sunday footy on channel 0

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I will go to the VFL next year watching a Port, Willy, Coburg or a Frankston and AT a suburban ground. No interest in a curtain raiser.
I would rather sit or stand anywhere I like, go to the huddles and drink a CAN.

Have plenty of games on tape from 80/81 etc to watch as well including Coburg v Frankston at Frankston.

How many curtain raisers are likely to be played anyway ?
Bet there will be no more than eight in total.
Lucky to have two stand alone VFA teams in the total.


Two things have happened in 2014 that will hasten the creation of separate AFL Melbourne and VFL competitions.

Footscray won the VFL showing that it is possible for a club perceived as less wealthy than the AFL's heavy hitters to be competitive. Coburg was every bit as competitive as it had been during the Richmond alignment period. Five wins as good as they averaged during the aligned period.

So in 2014 the VFL consisted of three distinct club structures:
Five AFL teams in Collingwood, Essendon, Footscray, Geelong and Richmond;
Six aligned clubs in Box Hill, Casey Scorpions, North Ballarat, Northern Blues, Sandringham and Werribee;
Five stand alone clubs in Bendigo Gold, Coburg, Frankston, Port Melbourne and Williamstown.

So taking the Footscray and Coburg performances into account I can see in the very near future that Victoria will have two competitions servicing football at the level below AFL.

AFL Melbourne will be formed with all AFL clubs fielding their development team in that competition. Teams will be Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Footscray, Geelong, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Richmond and St Kilda. Half the teams already exist while the Hawks and Blues virtually do. Werribee potentially playing games at Arden Street as intimated by the papers today shows how quickly the AFL club takes control in any alignment. Kangaroos going it alone already looms. This competition's games would potentially be played on a Friday morning or afternoon so that players could be part way through their recovery process if required for AFL through a late call up. This would also allow AFL coaching staff to watch their list players live in matches. AFL lists simply need to be filled out by reintroducing some form of the supplementary list system used previously.

The VFL will revert to a competition with no AFL club directly involved. Already has four stand alone clubs and another heading that way in 2016. With Coburg showing that you can rebuild an old VFA club post-alignment the resurrection of Box Hill, Preston, Sandringham, Springvale/Casey and Werribee is not to be viewed as impossible, or even improbable. This would mean the VFL would move ahead as a 10 team league providing all teams survived. The weekend would be the VFL's alone as a state league with the other league playing on Friday to benefit their needs.

2017 maybe?


I don't see it happening simply because the AFL wants the VFL to be a pathway and splitting the comps will weaken that role.


I see it happening because I see all 10 AFL clubs wanting to operate their own development team. I don't see a cumbersome 20 team VFL ever existing.

Ron Burger
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How about two divisions?

Northern, Werribee, Nth Ballarat, Frankston, Casey, Port, Willy, Coburg, Sandy and Box Hill stand alone.
10 AFL club reserve teams as foreshadowed.

Promotion/relegation of top and bottom 2 each season.


Promotion and relegation I don't foresee. I could see the creation of a two conference style competition that would allow for the playing of games between the two. The AFL loves to model their structure on what is done in the USA's NFL. Already have conference structure operating in the NEAFL up north.