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2015 Fixture changes sought

While drinking about 700ml of sort of liquorice-tasting but revolting liquid while waiting for my next CT scan (ninth in about 12 months), I read the Daily Rupert. An item in it had that some AFL clubs are seeking VFL "curtain raisers" to some of their matches. So far, only those listed for Carlton at Docklands a have been approved. (They are the NBlues v North Ballarat and NBlues v Frankston matches.)
Sat 6/6, Ess v Geelong could be moved from Windy Hill to Docklands.
Sat 8/8, Coll v Carlton, as the paper called NBlues, from Vic Park to MCG.
Sat 22/8, Coll v Richmond, from Vic Park to MCG.
Sat 29/8, Ess v Richmond, from Windy Hill to MCG.

A drawback to these proposals is that AFL teams need an hour for their pre-match warm-ups, etc. But on the other hand, they want fans to come and see the VFL match and then the AFL match without the long delay between matches. This delay makes a mockery of the term "curtain raiser".
Then there is the overuse of the precious AFL grounds!
It is okay by me for the AFL's VFL sides to play anywhere amongst themselves, as suggested above. I do not agree with other VFL teams playing their matches well before an AFL match.


Wally from Will...
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It`s always mystified me why it`s OK to play curtain~raisers at Geelong (and SCG and Gabba) but not the MCG or Empty Head


They don't have anything like as many matches.

Agree with the comment that the AFL reserves can do whatever they want. They aren't VFL sides anyway, they just play in the VFL.

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The afl sides can play their vfl matches as curtain raisers against each other.
Don't think that the MCG and Turd Dome will be flocked with thousands to watch a curtain raiser then hang around an hour before the afl starts. You might get a couple of hundred if you are lucky.

I won't be watching them in a million years.

When it involves a Williamstown, Port, Frankston and Coburg I will watch the VFL stand alone teams at a suburban ground and a stand alone VFL game.
I wouldn't expect that the above 4 teams will be participating in a curtain raiser.

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A hour is a long time, I wouldn't of thought they needed that long. If a hour is correct it is hardly a curtain raiser.

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