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Congratulations to Kane Lambert and Adam Saad

Both players now upgraded and a chance to make their proper AFL debut this season.

I watched Lambert in the opening NAB Cup game at Whitten Oval and thought he was one of the Tigers better players.

Off topic I watched the Essendon versus St Kilda game at Morwell and thought that Marigliani was BoG for the Dons. He looked at ease at that level.


Lambert is a gun, it's just amazing it took this long for him to get there. Rigga looked good for Essendon, there are a lot of state league players who could step up a level if they landed the right opportunity.

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Kane Lambert will do well for the tigers. Always great to see VFL players do well at AFL level. Sam Lloyd will be further improved and looks set for5 a good year with Richmond. Good luck to Adam Saad and have no doubt he will go well at the next level. Has skill and pace to burn.


Saad played for Coburg as the 23rd a few times in 2012 and looked ok. Missing out on the draft as a 18 year old may be a blessing for him as no doubt after 2 years in the VFL he is way better equipped to step up to AFL.

Lambert's final against Werribee was one of the all time great individual performances. Some will say he eventually would've been drafted if he stayed at the Blues but for mine he got to play a greater inside role at Williamstown and his game will be better for that.

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Kane Lambert has been great all pre season for Richmond and looks set to line up against Carlton. Hopefully Kane Lambert will play many game at tigerland.
Also good luck to Adam Saad for the upcoming season.