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2015 R3 - Richmond v Geelong

Richmond vs. Geelong
Saturday, May 02
ME Bank Centre at 11.00am

B Grimes Gale Castagna
HB Wynne Wall Dea
C Menadue Thomas Barlow
HF McDonough Elton R. Conca
F Bathie McBean Arnot
R Hampson McQualter Short
Int Quinn Contin Williams
Gleeson Mcfarlane Aarts
Kruse Scott* McGough

B Ruggles Kolodjashnij Sheringham
HB Smedts Tudor Cunico
C Luxford Cockatoo Cowan
HF Bates Close Blease
F Farrelly Lucey Gibbs
R McIntosh Williams Gore
Int Raidme Herbison McFarlane
Paliouras Sherman Maas
Rees* Bensted Atkins


There is a live stream of this game on youtube. Click Here.