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2015 R3 - Collingwood v Footscray

Collingwood vs. Footscray Bulldogs
Saturday, May 02
Victoria Park at 1.00pm

B Marsh Taylor Wallace
HB Young Maynard Goodyear
C Karnezis Borthwick* Freeman
HF Wallin Abbott Still
F Witts Blair Kennedy
R Cox De Goey Fasolo
Int Gray Allan R. Pendlebury
Wills J. Williams Moloney
Hellier Scharenberg Monkhorst

Footscray Bulldogs
B Prudden Russell R. Smith
HB Dale Hamling Prismall
C Biggs Hunter Pearce
HF McLean Redpath Grant
F Hamilton Campbell Buchanan
R Minson Goodes Fogarty
Int Fort Sharp J. Hayes
Keras Jamieson W. Hayes
Jensen Greenwood Wallis*

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Footscrays highlights of the Round 3 loss to Collingwood.