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Yeah it did. Above confirms 37k. The average is 51 k which was like a finals rating figure on the abc. The increased viewing can only be healthy for the league. One wonders though when the afl reserves league recommences which comp will get the coverage. The afl ressies or the vfa.


A no brainer Mate Of course the AFL seconds would get the nod esp from CH 7 who helped to kill the VFA TV on Sundays with the Swans games from Sydney and the VFL seconds.

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A few thoughts on that:

1. Is there any suggestion that's actually going to happen? Would be awesome in some ways but a league with somewhere between 4 and 8 clubs, where only two could really win, wouldn't be much fun.

2. I don't think channel 7 would have any interest in the AFL reserves if they stopped pretending to be a senior competition. But they probably also wouldn't be interested in a VFL minus AFL reserves.

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Heath yes there is talk about it by the afl however realistically probably won't happen for a few years.

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