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Thank you all for your interest in the Frankston VFL Football Club. As the new General Manager at the club I would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all of you down to the club to discuss your concerns and talk about the bright future we know awaits this club moving into the future. Simply call the club 97837888 and ask for the GM and you will be put through directly to me.
In the meantime please allow me to address some of the issues raised in this forum.
Firstly the website - the people hosting our site were hacked and they have been having real difficulties in re-instating our site. This has been extremely trying for us to deal with as prior to this happening we had spent many hours and effort to build what was a website on par with other VFL clubs and one that represented the club in a very favorable light.
Secondly - rumors of players not being paid are simply that - rumors. If you would like to deal in facts then you can repeat the following at all times - our players have always been paid in full as agreed in their contracts and they will continue to be paid in full. That is a fact.
I and the new board inherited some very trying scenarios at the club when we stepped into our respective roles - many of which we were not privy to at the time but which we have committed to addressing and overcoming. Many of these scenarios have financial implications, and as a result we have had to manage the club with a fiscal responsibility that has meant reducing outgoing costs. One of our largest outgoing costs is that of player payments and in order to manage the club effectively we have had to tighten our belts for the time being. As a result, and understandably, many of our more senior and higher paid players left to pay local footy where they can earn quite a bit more for a considerably lesser commitment - they all left on good terms, with our best wishes and continue to support the club as good people do. We have replaced these players with young stingrays and local players - something our coach was well aware of and understood would be the case. As a result we are now giving these players the chance to play VFL footy, learn AFL structures and game plans, and get exposure to AFL scouts.
We have had more players drafted to the AFL than any other VFL club.
About half way through the 2014 season a good portion of our club rooms were demolished, including our kitchen and main function area to make way for the new development that is close to being finished now. Throughout this time we have had to cope with ongoing intensive construction which has limited access to our gaming room and social club. This has placed a further financial burden on the club as our ability to trade in these areas has been grossly affected by this construction.
We can recall 2 members who had difficulty getting their memberships - clearly one of them is a contributor to this forum and I think we need to check their contact details as there is a regular email update that we send out to all of our members and it would seem this is not reaching that person so please contact the club asap so we can check that the email address and other contact details are correct.
Finally, we are absolutely rapt with our new senior coach and his team. Facing many logistical challenges many clubs don't even consider, they have tirelessly gone about their task of teaching our young players a new style of football that is conducive to assimilating with current AFL football. Rather than shut games down and simply try to avoid being scored against, our players have been encouraged to play with flair, take risks and endeavor to put their game plan into action at all times so as to score goals. As a result we leave ourselves vulnerable to being scored against after turnovers or errors that are to be expected from a young learning group. However, people with much greater footy knowledge than I are adamant that in order to develop a young group into a winning unit they need to play in this fashion and take these risks during games. As their skill level improves and their confidence in themselves and each other builds, the turnovers and errors will reduce and we will be scoring a goal from executing effectively rather than being scored against.
The endeavor and effort shown by our group is exemplary and as their execution improves so to will our results. The feeling amongst the group is buoyant and confidence in our program definite.
We have won at least 1 quarter in every game we've played and could have easily posted 2 wins already but things did not go our way on those occasions. We were well and truly in the game at 3/4 time against the reigning premiers Footscray but experience and size won out in the end.
The following is a graphic showing a comparison of Geelongs performance against Essendon as opposed to ours on the weekend. Essendon fielded a stronger team against us and Geelong play a number of AFL listed fully professional footballers.

Essendon V Geelong V Frankston
Inside 50's 73 - 35 61 - 48
For 19.21 24.6
Against 6.7 8.8
Shots For 40 30
Shots Against 13 16
Margin 92 94
Clearances +16 +2
Contested +39 ?? *Even or slight loss/win

I sincerely hope you can all find the time to come down to the club and see all that is happening and engage with us on a deeper level in person.
Again, thank you all for your interest in the Frankston VFL Football Club.

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Good luck with the dolphins and you never know they might beat Geelong when they play them in a few weeks.

ex Frankston players at AFL clubs Sam Lloyd, Mark Baguely, Michael Hibberd, Boyd, Tory Dickson.
ex Frankston players at VFL clubs, Marcus Marigliani, Osborne, Dylan Van Unen, James Magner, Khan Haretuku, Jake Dermott, Shannon Taylor.
Frankston players at Noble Park Ziggy Alwin and Kyle Martin.
Thats some decent players playing AFL and VFL level that were ex Frankston. Even retaining a couple of these players would help experience wise for the dolphins. Hope they can have a better second half of the season and show some inroads.

Wally from Will...
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Jake Dermott now playing with Doveton i believe. That was great of the Frankston GM to post that explanation, gives a bit of insight into what is happening at Dolphin-land. Seems like its not all gloom & doom after all.



I don't think the AFL would want to move Frankston on unless they present a financial risk, it is a club where young players get to take the next step on the talent pathway and which produces AFL talent. I very much doubt the AFL care how many wins a club has in the VFL, they'd prefer a stand alone team which plays mostly young kids than one which pays experienced players and is successful each year.


That might be your warped AFL thinking how a standalone club representing your city should operate but WHAT about the supporters they put their hard earned in to follow a team for success on the field not a breeding ground for future AFL players.Thats what the TAC players are supposed to do.

Frankston have everything going for them massive area to recruit from, great ground and facilities a good social club with pokies so Im bemused that they are so badly run

They should be in the top 4 every year but it has always been true that a club is only as strong as its management.

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It was good a explanation Wally and good to see someone from Frankston hierachy post here. Hopefully they are on the right path and can eventually get it together on the field. Would be good if they can get a win this year.
Players turnover, fire to grandstand, new social club being built, new coach, young team. Lots of distractions over the past few years. Hope the dolphins can be far more settled off the field and far more competitve on the field.

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Thank you all for your interest in the Frankston VFL Football Club.....

.....Again, thank you all for your interest in the Frankston VFL Football Club.


Thank you FrankstonVFLFC for the update on Frankston's situation. I admire the Dolphins for their courage to stand alone in a difficult environment; I wish you success.
Congrats on a lenghty first post to this forum, hope to hear more from you with regular contributions



As the new General Manager at the club I would like to take this opportunity to invite any and all of you down to the club to discuss your concerns and talk about the bright future we know awaits this club moving into the future.[/quote]

Good on you for posting SG, especially re player payments. That rumour always seems to pop up, but in all my time at the club that has been the top priority.

I also don’t like the chat that the place is a rabble. The people who have worked, volunteered or been on the committee over recent years have been good people who have done their best for the club with very few exceptions.

Unfortunately, a string of circumstances combined with a string of poor choices have left the club where it is today, which is very frustrating for all fans who support it with our hearts and wallets.

Here’s my recollection of how things have got to this point.

- The committee’s relationship with Brett Lovett seemed to sour and I think that cost the club a very good coach at the end of 08 who was very good at uniting the place

- A poor process resulted in a poor replacement being hired who divided the place

- Over that period of time, the grandstand burns down and the GFC hits, forcing some significant long-term sponsors to pull out

- The money that was meant to go into the new Frankston Park Function Centre gets put into the proposed St Kilda redevelopment when it was going to be at Frankston Park. When that moves to Seaford the money goes with it, and only Bryan Mace fighting like hell finally delivered that cash, but the project is delayed probably 3-4 years

- The club goes from 10 wins and a finals victory in 08 to three wins in 09 with much the same list and the majority of senior players leave. Due to the above the club doesn’t have the money to replace them and is force to rebuild

- Simon Goosey takes over and changes the way the club plays, introducing the AFL ideas of pressing and pushing forwards deep up the ground in a full-ground defence then attacking hard into space, with the goal of not trying to clog games up to minimise damage but to play attacking football that will fast-track improvement

- The State Government decides to open up poker machine licences for sale, and the club (along with many others) receives advice to buy in the pre-sale and ends up paying well over the market value, putting more financial stress on the club

- With a strong list in 2013 after three years of rebuilding, the club only wins six games and isn’t able to retain a significant number of good senior players at the end of the season

- The function centre redevelopment finally gets approved in early 2014, but that means closing the existing social club to most functions and stripping away that source of revenue

- At the end of 2014 there is the unfortunate situation of Goosey being told he is being rehired before it is official and then told the job was being advertised. The new committee walks into a tough situation and the process that follows means a new coach isn't announced until October, and the majority of the senior team decide to leave

The way the Goosey situation was handled initially was probably the most disappointing thing of all, and had it been done better I'm pretty sure a lot of players would have stayed. Most played for unders, most have at Frankston since about 07, and genuinely wanted to play in a successful Dolphins team.

Anyway, they didn’t, so we’re in the current situation of really struggling on the field while trying to rebuild off it.

We’re not even half way through the season, so it’s far too early to judge the on-field or off-field efforts this year. But given the club was pretty competitive on-field the previous two years, calls for them to be moved on because of poor performance are very premature.

As I said earlier, it’s what happens next that counts. Let’s hope the new function centre can generate funds to employ more people to run the club. It’s tough to run on an oily rag without running out of petrol, and the people who have managed to keep the place alive, both past and present, definitely deserve credit, even if some choices haven't turned out the way they planned.

It is time to move beyond keeping it alive though, so hopefully the current crop are the right people to get the place growing.

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Great posts by both FrankstonVFLFC and Paul. Thanks very much for the insight. Its cleared a lot of things up for me. I said the club was a shambles and to an outsider that would appear to be the case but these posts shed a different light on things. Perhaps the club could open up the communication lines with its members, and let us know a little of whats happening behind the scenes?
I think Paul has nailed it.' It’s what happens next that counts.' Very true. Lets hope the tide turns for Frankston FC and success is not too far away, and they can become a real force in the VFL.


Well I started this post.
Well done to frankston club to respond.
Save all the bullshit talk as we have it from the source.
I truly wish the club the best, we kneed the frankston team


Good points all. I'm disappointed to say I won't make it down on Sunday, never been to the footy at Frankston. Did see them in a grand final at North Port one time - hope things can look up for you guys!

Not to the extent of a win this week though!