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I'll pop this up as a proper article tomorrow...

UPDATE: FRANKSTON VFL president Bruce Cass has stepped aside, pending Victoria Police and AFL investigations into an alleged altercation with former Dolphins coach Robbie Mace at Frankston Park on Sunday afternoon.

Cass stood down at a Frankston committee meeting last night.

It’s believed he will be interviewed by Frankston police today.

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Mace was interviewed by police on Monday.

AFL Victoria has asked the AFL to investigate an alleged clash between Cass, two other men and former Dolphins champion Mace outside the Frankston social club during halftime of Sunday’s Frankston and Geelong match.

The AFL has asked its senior investigator Gerry Ryan to report on the matter after police finish their inquiries.

Mace declined to comment and Cass has not returned phone calls.

“I can’t talk right now,” Mace said when contacted yesterday.

Frankston general manager Simon Green this afternoon released a statement confirming Cass had stood down.

“The Frankston VFL Football Club committee of management met last night to discuss the incident on Sunday, August 2 between Rob Mace and Bruce Cass,” Green said.

“There is an ongoing police investigation into the incident and the committee has decided to reserve final decisions regarding the two individuals involved until the findings of the investigation are released.

“In the meantime Mr Cass has stepped down from his position as president and Mr Mace has been suspended from the club indefinitely.

“Upon release of the findings of the investigation the committee will make final decisions surrounding what disciplinary actions will be taken with regards to the matter.”

AFL spokesman Patrick Keane yesterday confirmed that AFL Victoria had referred the matter to the AFL.

“We will investigate (but) we won’t do anything until the police have looked into it,” Keane said.

Frankston Sgt Phil Marshall confirmed “no charges have been laid at this stage and no official complaint has been made”.

Mace is regarded as one of Frankston’s finest players and twice coached the club.

He also played league football, at St Kilda and Brisbane.



How can one be suspended from the club and the other step aside what ever that means. Shouldn't they both be suspended. Double standards

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Would be fascinated to know what sparked the blue in the first place. It's clear the club is kept alive by a band of very dedicated and hard-working people....but that group appears too small and the club is lacking in professionalism off the field. (I say that with absolute respect to the EFFORTS of those concerned - I know that without you we HAVE no club).

The team is very frustrating to watch this year. Not only are we lacking depth of talent, but the concentration of the group appears sporadic at best (holding the Cats to 3 goals in the first quarter when they had the breeze and then coughing up 6 into it next quarter is a perfect example). The game plan is also designed for precision passing to small targets (small targets are all we have) and every possession just appears one step closer to us coughing the pill up. We lack the ball skills for that game, and Frankston Park is generally windy as hell, so it appears completely ineffective to be relentlessly playing that game with no Plan B.

The guys on the hill still make their noise, but really seem to lack the passion of past years. Not sure where it's all headed, but gee we need some kind of change if the club is going to flourish in the near future.


Not a good state of affairs and irrespective of who started what it can't be good for Jayden Cass's footy to have his father involved in this sought of stuff.

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Until the club is able to spend money recruting quality players not much is going to change. They need key position players at both ends of the ground who are leaders. With great respect to the current leadership group there is practically no leadership shown by anyone in that team. It must be deflating for these young guys to see their main ball winner get 30+ possesions every week and butcher the ball nearly every time he disposes of it. A good example was the first play of the day against Geelong. The ball was brilliantly taken on the burst from the the bounce, ducking and weaving through traffic, then an attempted handball to a team mate 15 meters away went 10 meters over his head and landed 15 meters behind him. That set the standard for the day. How are any of these young guys going to be inspired by play of such a poor quality? Until Frankston can find some quality players to build a team around they will remain in this hole.
Hopefully they can find a way out soon, before the VFL sends them to suburban football.


Coburg won five games last year with similar talent. The biggest thing right now is to play a competitive brand of footy that the players believe in, or else money spent on recruits will be money wasted.