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Port Melbourne 2016 list changes

To date....

John McKenzie (Own Decision / Local Football)
Alex Brown (Local Football)
James Magner (VFL Retirement / Local Football)
Jake Dermott (Mid-Year Withdrawal)
Chris Prowse (Local Football)
James Breust (Delisted)
Liam Patterson (Delisted)
Tom Langford (Own Decision)
Jack Mahon (Delisted)
Tim MacMillan (Delisted)
Sebastian Henderson (Delisted)
Matthew Lello (Delisted)
Jarrod Healey (Mid-Year Withdrawal)
Patrick Jenkins (Delisted)
Austin Deneys (Injury / Delisted)
Sam Anderson (Delisted)

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Langford, Magner, Prowse and McKenzie the most senior players moving on at this stage.



Any updates on Cain, Pinwill, Sandilands, Lisle?

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Magner is the biggest loss so far. Just a guess, I would say that Cain will retire keeping in mind that he was in two minds last night year and the significant injuries sustained will probably make the decision for him. Pinwall after having a great year will have the enthusiasm to go round again. Probably the same case with Lisle. Sandilands will retire at a guess. The above are just my opinions, nothing concrete.

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Surely Sandilands won't retire? Only 24-25 and approaching the best footy of his life.

He's a massive part of the team now, really stood out how badly we missed him this year when he was injured.

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Cain is a possibility of retiring. But he didn't play much footy this year so possibly a light off season might have him changing his mind.

I'd be gutted if Sandilands retired, if anything I'd have thought he night be a rookie chance. His form when fit this year was strong and he has embraced the move from defender to forward, being a sensational lead-up marking option with good accuracy in front of goals.

Factor in how much we missed Sam O'Sullivan, Lange, Sandilands, Cain, Purcell, Michaidis
While kids such as Pearson, Dickson, Gilmore, Hogan improved through the season..

I'm still very upbeat about next year.

Fair chance Mascitti will be drafted, and he will be a very big loss.



Damien Mascitti is certainly Port Melbourne's best AFL prospect. Is he eligible for the Fothergil-Round medal?

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Pretty sure he is. FR medal is for under 23 I believe, and I think Mascitti is 22.


Sandilands has the potential to dominate the comp, like Sam Dunnell he has big man skills on a mobile frame. I suspect this conversation will turn from who Port are losing to who Port are signing, if recent history is any guide.

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Off topic but I see Dean Galea is on the move again, off to Keilor for the next two years to play under Mick McGuane.


[quote=Wally from Williamstown]

Off topic but I see Dean Galea is on the move again, off to Keilor for the next two years to play under Mick McGuane.


What a double !!

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