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Vale Charlie Reid

It is with much sadness that I am letting you know of the passing of long time Port Melbourne supporter Charlie Reid who has been a feature at Port Melbourne, sitting and standing in the same spot for more since his childhood. Charlie was 101 years old.

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There is a photo of the crowd showing Charlie in his
favourite spot in the early 1930s


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Hope his family is o.k. in this tough time. Port losses another great man. Rip Charlie.




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Here is a terrific piece the VFL posted, prior to the 2011 VFA Grand Final:
Source -

The Supporters - Port Melbourne

As we count down to the Peter Jackson VFL Grand Final, we take a look at some of the supporters from both clubs, starting with Port Melbourne's Charlie Reid.

Name: Robert Charles Reid, but I have been known as Charlie all my life.

Lives: Sandringham, I live in enemy territory.

VFL team you support: Port Melbourne, for 80 odd years.

How did you come to support Port Melbourne: Back in around 1922 or so, my father had a barber shop two doors into South Melbourne. I went to school at Nott St Port Melbourne, and that started my Port Melbourne connection. I can work it out that I have been loyal to them since about 1924, so for around 87 years. I claim a record, that I am probably one of the few people who has seen Port through two of their three wooden spoons, and 70 years apart.

How many Port premierships have you seen: 12 (of 15). They were premiers in 1922 when they beat Footscray by a point but I did not know about Port at that stage. I do remember outside my fathers shop, on a Saturday afternoon, and a chap came by and my dad said ‘how did they go?’ and he said they had won (the premiership). I did not know what he was talking about at the time, but I soon would.

Favourite past player at Port Melbourne: I have seen some good players running around in my time. Joe Garbutt has been my favourite, he was a full back and wore number 9 on his back. Garbutt was one of the best players I have seen, but thinking more about it, I was only taking into account true Port Melbourne players. I think the best footballer I have ever seen is Austin Robertson – he only played a few games after he spent his time at South Melbourne. Garbutt could kick to the centre of TEAC Oval, he was full back, and he and a Fitzroy fellow used to win all the competitions for long kicking in those days. From memory one day he dashed off from full back – which he used to often do – dashed to almost the centre of the ground and kicked a behind from full back. I would like to say he kicked a goal, but it was only a behind.

Any memorable VFL moments: One time, I was watching from the grand stand, and everyone thought the umpire was doing a bad job – but they often think that. I saw a chap jump the fence and ran out to the centre ground and made contact with the umpire, and then he took off with two burly policemen chasing him. He got to the fence and jumped over it, but the cuff of his pants got caught in the rails, and he fell down into the seats and the policemen grabbed him.

I was at the game when Tommy Lahiff when he gave a bit of cheek and they arrested him. Everyone was horrified as old Tom, although he was a funny man, he was Port Melbourne through and through. He used to say you get red in one eye, and blue in the other.

The day Fred Cook was flattened was one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen because it was unprovoked. Cook was a very fair player and I never saw him do anything untoward. Except one day when one of the opposition kicked a Port player, that was enough to send the fairest player over the edge.

In 1925 when Hawthorn, Footscray and North Melbourne went into the league (VFL), I was disappointed Port was not one of them.

Lastly my favourite umpire was Bill Merrington, and as far as I know, he is the only umpire who has ever been clapped off a Port ground. And the VFL got him eventually. I am a bit sympathetic to umpires, as one eyed supporters only see their side, and the umpire can see things that the supporter can’t see.

What do you enjoy about VFL football: Just that it is VFL football. I claim sympathy with Phil Cleary on that.

What is your favourite ground: TEAC Oval, is there any other. I look at this as a second home.

Favourite food at the footy: I have a pastie.

Grand final prediction: I think this is one of the best teams I have seen with Port. I thought last years was very good, but they just fell short.

Port Melbourne vs Williamstown - 2:15pm Sunday September 25 at Etihad Stadium.


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Nice post!