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Bit of a longshot, but...
Does anyone know what happened to the goal posts out at the Brunswick footy ground? I was passing the ground today and saw that they have been replaced with a standard height plastic pipes. As a kid I used to be amazed at how big they were (in comparison to the ones we had at Camberwell). They were probably the same size as the ones at Waverly Park (now at Williamstown), with the little knobly bit on the top. The ground condition was a little ordinary.. it joins many grounds where the grandstand is now fenced off.
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I remember watching Jacko playing for Brunswick in a game against Sandringham at Gillon Oval and the crowd was massive. Well over 10,000 most likely about 17,000. It is hard to beleive that many can fit it to the ground. Brunswick were always hard to beat at home. Hard at it team. The goal posts were enormous. North Old Boys still play there in the VAFA. Brunswick launched a history book about a month ago. Hopefully they will organise a team of the century. Wayne Schimmelbusch and Keith Greig were recruited from Brunswick.