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I'll be heading along to see the game as well. If there are a few people here going (BigV, Robbo?) maybe it'd be a good chance to say hello.


[quote="onslaught"]I'll be heading along to see the game as well. If there are a few people here going (BigV, Robbo?) maybe it'd be a good chance to say hello.[/quote] I would like to go on Sunday but Frankston are playing so it rules it out.
[u][b]Results of Final Day of Division Two Games played at MC Labour Park, Carlton[/b][/u] QUEENSLAND: 3.4 4.7 7.12 12.16 (88 ) TASMANIA: 1.1 3.4 5.4 7.7 (49) GOALS - Queensland: Eaton 3, Smith 2, Tippett 2, Urquhart 2, Dzufer, Petterd, Proud Tasmania: Riewoldt 2, Williamson 2, Collier, Higgs, Kean BEST - Queensland: Petterd, Eaton, Kiel, Armitage, Urquhart, Proud, Tasmania: Hislop, Thorp, Riewoldt, Mohr, Higgs, Kean Umpires: Shepherdson, Craig, McCarthy NORTHERN TERRITORY: 4.6 7.12 12.19 14.22 (106) NEW SOUTH WALES/AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY: 2.0 7.4 12.4 15.8 (98 ) GOALS - Northern Territory: Djerrkura 3, Calma-Holt 2, C.Rioli 2, Beugelaar, Campbell, Cubillo, Fittock, S.Rioli, Sharples, Wonaeamirri NSW/ACT: Aalbers 4, Woods 3, McIntyre 2, Paine 2, Bird, Duryea, Stroobants, Wilsen BEST - Northern Territory: Djerrkura, Cubillo, C.Rioli, Cadona, Wonaeamirri, Calma-Holt NSW/ACT: Aalbers, Bird, McIntyre, Paine, Wilsen, Woods Umpires: Pattinson, Tuckett, Ritchie/Medlin (1/2 each) [b]FINAL LADDER[/b] QUEENSLAND 3-0 218.1% Northern Territory 2-1 106.3% Tasmania 1-2 74.4% NSW/ACT 0-3 59.8% DIVISION TWO - WINNER: Queensland HUNTER HARRISON MEDAL: Ricky Petterd (Queensland) Best player of the championships from Division Two: NAB MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD: Selected by their respective coaches NSW/ACT: Craig Bird Northern Territory: Nathan Djerrkura Queensland: Ricky Petterd Tasmania: Mitchell Thorp Division One games are at MC Labour Park,Carlton tomorrow from 11am
[u][b]Results from Final Games of Division One Played today at MC Labour Park,Carlton[/b][/u] SOUTH AUSTRALIA: 1.2 4.8 6.8 9.11 (65) WESTERN AUSTRALIA: 1.2 2.3 4.9 4.9 (33) GOALS - South Australia: Thomas 3, Boyd, Button, Cunningham, Millar, Pfeiffer, Turner Western Australia: Reimers 2, Browne, Masten BEST - South Australia: Gibbs, Sellar, Hurley, Thomas, Schmidt, Caire, Jacobs Western Australia: Masten, Reimers, Leuenberger, Virgo, Jetta, Hawksley Umpires: Walker, Medlin, Ritchie VICTORIA METROPOLITAN: 0.2 3.5 4.6 4.10 (34) VICTORIA COUNTRY: 1.3 1.3 2.8 2.9 (21) GOALS - Vic Metro: Gray 2, Horne, Mackay Vic Country: M.Brown, Hansen BEST - Vic Metro: Vasilevski, Adams, Veszpremi, Varsamakis, Gray, Kreuzer Vic Country: Grigg, Eddy, Weeks, N.Brown, Williams, Ryan Umpires: Raven, Dalgleish, Bowen [b]FINAL LADDER[/b] Victoria Metro 3-0 161.2% Victoria Country 2-1 117.8% South Australia 1-2 75.4% Western Australia 0-3 74.7% Details of Award Winners to come
Great win and carnival for Vic Metro! Almost a shame there had to be a loser in the end though! What a bugger about the weather conditions - would have been a ripper game to watch had it been dry! Victorian's who made the all Australian Team are listed here Tom Hawkins was a deserved Larke Medallist - what a great 3 games and I'm sure Geelong is very excited about next year already! NAB MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD: South Australia: Bryce Gibbs Victoria Country: Nathan Brown Victoria Metropolitan: Leigh Adams Western Australia: Shawn Colbung
[b]UNDER 18 ALL AUSTRALIAN TEAM[/b] B: Patrick Veszpremi (Vic M), Nathan Brown (Vic C), Mitch Thorp (TAS) HB: David Armitage (QLD), Lachlan Hansen (Vic C), Ricky Petterd (QLD) C: Daniel Connors (Vic C), Garry Moss (WA), Shaun Grigg (Vic C) HF: Leroy Jetta (WA), Scott Gumbleton (WA), Daniel Dzufer (QLD) F: Tom Hislop (TAS), Tom Hawkins (Vic M), Tom Hurley (SA) Foll: Matthew Leuenberger (WA), Bryce Gibbs (SA), Leigh Adams (Vic M) I/C: Craig Bird (NSW/ACT), Nathan Djerrkura (NT), Jarryd Allen (Vic M), Robert Eddy (Vic C) Coach: David Dickson - Victoria Metropolitan Assistant coach: Craig McRae - Queensland Selectors: Chairman - Kevin Sheehan (AFL talent manager), Alan McConnell (AIS-AFL high performance coach), Rick Barham (Sydney recruiting manager), Wayne Hughes (Carlton recruiting manager), Derek Hine (Collingwood recruiting manager) and Shane Rogers (Fremantle Victorian manager)
WA will be shattered - they came across as the favourites, with pace and height very much on their side. What happened? Not sure, but they found the conditions on the final game difficult. Gumbleton looks like a star, with Jetta and Colbung looking the goods. SA will be happy having beaten WA, but were also supposed to be possible champs. Sellar had a down champs, but was supposedly ill. He did show the ability to play a numbr of different roles - when was the last time you saw a 197 cm wingman? Gibbs was good - got a lot of rave, even though he didn't make the difference (as he was expected to). Vic Country would be disappointed at getting so close but not winning it. They were the only Vic combination expected to be worthwhile. Hansen and a stream of classy mids stood out for them. Vic Metro were the surprises - expected to be last, they played a lot of youngsters and found a real forward target in Hawkins. Look out for Kreuzer in the 2007 draft. NB: How few Vic Metros were all Australian - suggests that they were a team, rather than having a few standouts.