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Victorian Premier Cricket Semi Finals (Sat/Sun)

The Semi Finals are being played on the weekend with the winners advancing to the Final to be played at Melbourne University from Friday 25th March.

[U][B]Weather Forecast[/B][/U]
[B]Saturday:[/B] Fine Max 23
[B]Sunday:[/B] A Little rain later Max 21

[B]Session Times:[/B] 11am to 1pm,1:30pm to 3:30pm,4pm to 6pm

[B]1st Semi Final Geelong vs Frankston Peninsula at Geelong Cricket Ground[/B]
[B][I]Last time they met:[/I][/B] Oct 23 2010 (Rd 4) Geelong 8/224(cc)(Harrison 50,Elliot 39,Holland 3/58) def Frankston Peninsula 221(Chasemore 88,Damiano 44,Foss 3/37) at Geelong Cricket Ground

[B]Geelong:[/B] Alex Stanley, Luke Muller, Thomas Elliot, Aaron Finch, Hayden Butterworth, Liam Buchanan(capt), Justin Foss, Cameron Alford, Trent Walerys, Marc Carson, Jeremy Hart
[B]Frankston Peninsula:[/B] To be announced

[B]2nd Semi Final Carlton vs Dandenong at Princes Park No.1,Carlton[/B]
[B][I]Last time they met:[/I][/B] Feb 19,20 2011 (Rd 16) Dandenong 170(Donnell 61,J.Pattinson 45) lost to Carlton 6/197(Buszard 69*,Gulbis 49) at Shepley Oval

[B]Carlton:[/B] Dean Peter-Budge,Trent McCormick,Evan Gulbis,Tim Buszard,Lachlan McKenna,Nicholas Ross,Nathan Pilon(capt),Jake Hancock,Tom Smyth,Peter Manser, Andrew Dickinson,Nick Austin
[B]Dandenong:[/B] Nick Thomas, Tom Donnell, Peter Sweeney, Darren Pattinson, James Pattinson, Darren Dempsey(capt), James Nanopoulos, Dylan Quirk, Brent Fairbanks,
Justin Butterfield, Paul Boraston, Michael Sweeney

[B][U]Other Grade Semi Finals[/U][/B]
[B]2nd XI[/B]
Prahran vs Richmond at Toorak Park
Geelong vs Fitzroy Doncaster at Schramms Reserve,Doncaster
[B]3rd XI[/B]
Melbourne vs Melbourne Uni at Albert Ground
St Kilda vs Camberwell Magpies at Junction Oval
[B]4th XI[/B]
Northcote vs Geelong at Bill Lawry Oval
Fitzroy Doncaster vs Camberwell Magpies at Russell Lucas Oval,Ringwood

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I'm tipping a Geelong v Dandy final.

How Liam Buchanon gone this season? A few years back he was being hyped up as possible Vic selection.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Northport hes a gun but I think he's had hes chance and actually did play about 12 games for the bushrangers. Absolutely spanks them.

Was abit of a party boy which didnt help his cause. Im pretty certain he has made the most Premier runs by any player in the past 10 years. His record at Melb & Geelong is impressive.
Great sporting family. His youngest brother Meyrick is in the Aus U19 team and has made his Premier debut at 16 or 17.

Nick Thomas has had a good season for Dandy. Made his first ton. Port supporters will remember him leading the reserves goal kicking in 2005ish. Older brother of Rees Thomas.

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Scores at Stumps on Day 1
Frankston Peninsula 246(Walker 65,Chasemore 48,Hart 4/65) vs Geelong
Carlton 181 (Buszard 35,J.Pattinson 3/43,Butterfield 3/47) vs Dandenong 2/60(Donnell 40*,Dempsey 10*)

Play continues from 11am today

Other Grades
2nd XI
Richmond 231 vs Prahran 0/32
Geelong 203 vs Fitzroy Doncaster 6/43
3rd XI
Melbourne Uni 122 vs Melbourne 3/124
St Kilda 249 vs Camberwell Magpies 0/13
4th XI
Northcote 9/260 vs Geelong
Fitzroy Doncaster 211 vs Camberwell Magpies 2/14

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[B]1st XI Semi Finals Results[/B]
Frankston Peninsula 246 def Geelong 191(Elliot 45,Foss 38,Holland 4/57,Miller 3/34)
Carlton 181 lost to Dandenong(res.2/60) 6/182(J.Pattinson 50*,Donnell 40,Dickinson 3/38,Smyth 3/47)

[B][U]1st XI Final[/U][/B]
[B][I]Friday March 25 to Sunday March 27(Res.Day Mon 28th)[/I][/B]
Dandenong vs Frankston Peninsula at Melbourne University