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Your team is dead sport...

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Bullants 2009: Runner Up
Bullants 2010: Runner Up
Bullants 2011: Preliminary Finalists
Blues 2012 (So Far): LAST and bye-bye to the coach

A bit of karma at play here?

Full Forward

Great work Bullants, some people just get off on the misfortunes of other Clubs.


[quote=shano62]To All you Northern Blue Knockers get off our back . I am a PROUD LIFE Member of that Club if we did not go with Carlton WE WOULD NOT BE THERE So iall Knocker rather see the Northern Bullants die with all the REST OF THE OTHER CLUBS Prahran Camberwell and so on there has been to many clubs died so get off OUR BACK I AM SICK OF IT[/quote]

Shane you'd be better off following Richmond, at least the tigers will give something other than a headache in the next few years.

Alignment and screwing a club are a different thing, Carlton didn't have to do the latter.


shano62 and Full Forward...I'm sorry, but much like my Mustangs, your team is dead. It doesn't give me any joy to say it, but them's the facts. If you get joy out of watching a small fragment of Preston run around, then good for you. But aint Preston