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Sensational day at the Waverley past players day. Great to catch up with Panther as well a Kevin Morris (top bloke), Ian Thorogood a real character as well as a few others. Some great memorabilia on display including an incomplete grandstand at Central Reserve. Interestingly there was a scrapbook with cutouts which was from Ken Rowe that were sensational. Spotted in the scrapbooks a photo of the packed crowd at North Port Oval in the 1965 VFA GF with Ch2 van filming in the background. So ABC did film the game even if it was for abc news broadcasts or showing the last quarter on ABC ?

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Saturday was a great day in the history of the Waverley Blues Football Club. The 1965 Waverley Panther players were honored and welcomed back to the club to celebrate a significant era within the history of the club. As with last year, Mt Waverley players were also honored and welcomed back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 premiership. The heritage of our football club is significant and was duly recognized. I want to thank vfa for your contribution in running off multiple copies of original footage from the various eras for the players to help them celebrate this occasion. You are a vfa treasure and epitomize the spirit that made the vfa such an iconic period within our footballing journey. On behalf of the Club, Past Players and supporters thanks for contributing.

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Panther wrote:

I think the VFA style of good hard footy was very much alive in 1965 by the sounds of it Billy.
From most games I watched or participated in, no one took any prisoners in these games, it was community v community and the players left nothing on the field..........

Yep it was pretty rugged footy and GFs were not the place for the fainthearted Ian Thorogood the former Melbourne star was C/C of Waverley who was a very hard and tough player whacked and knocked out the Port star CHF Peter Howell just after half time just when Port seemed to be getting on top and all hell broke loose with nearly all players involved in a brawl. Waverley were first to settle and never looked back.


Billy there was a photo of the packed Port ground and on the outer wing/half forward there was a channel 2 camera. Looks like the last quarter was televised ? Might have to revisit ABC archives in Sydney to see if they can have yet another search.
Some of those games would be priceless if found. ABC got rid of a lot of stuff but should have at least kept the Grand Finals. Only the 1963 has been found with the 1960 on the database but listed as missing (misplaced). I'll keep digging just in case.