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Coburg going forward.

They could have played finals this year, as th ferry were still in finals contention deep into August.

Peter German has developed a competitive list, with talent across the lines. The retirements of Cornell and Venditti.

I only saw them on a couple of occasions this year but remember Morton was impressive in his bid to resurrect his AFL career.


I hope they can keep Morton he is a quality player. Tom Goodwin is a good young ruckman and they have a solid midfield. Lech had a unlucky year with injury. Venditti is a good vfl player winning three bests and fairests in a row

Hartley & Uysal have had great years and deserve to be drafted.

It's a credit to the Admin including the Gm at Coburg to have done very well on a small budget. Looking down the track I hope they can find a second income stream.
They have done very well this year and hope they can keep attracting young local talent who want to play at the highest level not just for the $$.